Anonymous, student-run social media exposes provocative, humorous campus culture

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Whether scandalous, hilarious or cringe-worthy, Dixie State University student-run social media accounts are provoking reactions across campus.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard something about the infamous DSU Confessions 2K14 Twitter account or the snicker-prone DSU Sleeper Instagram account. These social media accounts have gained a large following and generated a buzz on campus. Multiple DSU social media accounts have submerged and demanded attention, like the Dixie Babes Instagram account or the Dixie Bros Twitter account.

Whether or not we like it, these accounts are adding to and shaping the culture of DSU.

The DSU Sleeper account was created less than five weeks ago but has rapidly gained more than 1,200 followers and counting. The account is filled with candid photos of DSU students sleeping on and off campus. The account moderator wanted to remain anonymous to preserve the faceless factor of the account.

“It’s for a good laugh, and it’s a stress reliever,” the DSU Sleeper moderator said. “You know, school is really stressful, especially when it gets down to the testing time when everybody is stressed, super tired and everyone’s falling asleep doing homework. Everybody can relate to that.” 

Robby Bowler, a sophomore business major from Gilbert, Arizona, is a DSU Sleeper follower and said the account is uniting DSU students.

“It’s a funny way to be able to see people around campus,” Bowler said. “For me, it’s like I’ve been there, done that, so I can relate. It’s good to connect in that kind of way. Tons of people see the photos and think ‘Yeah, I’ve definitely been there.’”

The DSU Confessions 2K14 Twitter account has accumulated a following of more than 800 people. The account is filled with provocative confessions about sordid sexual encounters and illegal acts.  The account moderator was adamant that the identity be concealed because of the mysterious nature of the account. 

“The main reason I want to remain anonymous is because the whole page revolves around anonymity,” DSU Confessions moderator said. “You’re talking to a faceless stranger. It’s not someone you know, or it might be, but you don’t know. If the posts are anonymous, then the moderators should be anonymous.”

The DSU Confessions moderator wants the account to give students an outlet without having any social repercussions.

“[It provides students] with anonymity,” DSU Confessions moderator said. “It lets them say whatever they want to say, without putting a face to it. It gives a sense of freedom.”

Brooke Brumfield, a sophomore nursing major from Spanish Fork, follows the Twitter page and said it helps student communication.

“It can definitely be used in a negative light, but overall I think it’s a positive and a fun place to see what other students are doing,” Brumfield said.

Luke Kerouac, DSU Student Association coordinator of student life, said these social media accounts can serve as entertainment value, but that’s the extent of their value.

These anonymous accounts may even be breaking DSU’s social media policy by using the university’s name without permission.

“I think [the accounts] are super interesting,” Kerouac said. “It’s a trend all across the nation to have social media accounts like this, especially the confession accounts. I don’t necessarily agree with the content that’s on them because usually they’re run by students and there is no school guidance, and many of them violate the school’s social media policies, but I think they’re entertaining at the same time.”