Student body president reveals aspirations

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Anyone who has met Dixie State University Student Body President Greg Layton knows he is professional — that is until it comes to competitive lip sync battles. 

Each year Layton and the vice presidents go to a conference with other student government leaders from around the state. During a conference they attended, there was a lip-syncing battle, and Layton decided the leaders would do a Jimmy Fallon “Ew!” skit.

“I will never forget when Greg walked out on stage in a wig and dress with full makeup,” said Megan Church, senior integrated studies major from St. George and vice president of service. “I have never laughed so hard, and we placed for the first time.”

When he isn’t placing in lip-syncing battles, he is playing sports and being active, or talking about or researching sports. He plays everything from basketball to golf, with golf being his favorite sport. 

Layton enjoys being involved in everything he can. One of his favorite things to get involved in is playing  , and he has actually played in regional championships with his intramural football team. His dream is to work in an athletic department for a university, he said.

Once he reaches his dream job he would like to go back to school and get his master’s degree. He will be graduating with his bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in professional and technical writing. 

This wasn’t Layton’s first choice on majors; this is actually his fourth choice. Layton said the personalized education has really helped him to succeed here. 

Layton has many caring mentors to help him along the way. His biggest mentor is his mom.

“She has pushed me to be the best person I can possibly be,” Layton said.

Besides his mom, Layton has a three other mentors, including Dean of Students Del Betty, Rhiannon Bent, adviser of Dixie Sun News and Jordon Sharp, director of student involvement and leadership. 

“Del Beatty believes in the students at Dixie, and Rhiannon has helped me grow into a better person,” Layton said. “Jordan is the most influential mentor for me. He is a good friend of mine. He is family away from home.”

Church said Layton is the hardest working person she knows, and he is always in his office working to finish something.

“[His work ethic] is truly incredible,” Church said. 

Layton has spent many hours at Dixie this year as the student body president. He said his biggest accomplishment this year was helping create a culture of wanting to be involved here at Dixie.

“Being involved is the greatest thing while in college,” Layton said.

He wishes he had more time so he could unify more organizations and clubs. He wants everybody to feel important and to feel like they belong to Dixie.