DSUSA organizing events geared toward non-traditional students

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The Dixie State University Student Association has made an effort to plan activities for non-traditional students and traditional students in hopes of more participation at events.

Jill Wulfenstein, a senior integrated studies major from Pahrump, Nevada, and vice president of student life, is in charge of putting these events together.

“We realized that activities for non-traditional students had been overlooked in previous years so we wanted to fix that,” Wulfenstein said.

Latrisa Garcia, a senior criminal justice major with an emphasis in digital forensics from San Diego, California, said she feels she has been able to bring her family to more events this past fall semester then since she started at Dixie. However, Garcia said she feels like most events are geared towards young, single students.

“I don’t necessarily think that activities should be put on only for non-traditional students, but feeling like I can bring my family to activities, and not feel like I should’ve left them at home would be a [welcoming] feeling,” Garcia said.

Garcia said events that are family-oriented should be offered, not only for non-traditional students but for community members also.

“Any time an entertainer is chosen it is made sure they are family appropriate and that way more non-traditional students are willing to participate,” Wulfenstein said.

When the activities are announced, student life organizers always make sure the signs say if it is a family-friendly activity or not. They want all students to feel comfortable while on campus, so awareness of the events is really important to them. When publicizing something like the foam dance, DSUSA makes sure it says it is a dance for students, and most people are not going to want to bring their family.

Garcia said she thinks more non-traditional students should be more willing to come if there is a wider variety of family oriented activities.

“I would love to bring my family to more of the activities on campus,” Garcia said. “Being a full time, senior-level student with two internships, and a position on student government, I don’t have the time to spend with my family that I used to. When I do attend activities it’s usually because I feel comfortable bringing my family.”

DSUSA has two events coming up that are geared toward every student on campus. During D-Week, there is going to be a magician and also a picnic with the president activity.

“We want to make sure everyone feels welcome, and we want events that everyone will have fun with,” Wulfenstein said.