Career counselors caution students when changing majors

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Something every college student eventually has to do is choose a major.

The Career Center has many great tools to helP students decide on a major, including an aptitude test and career counselors, Career Services Director Ali Threet said.

Threet said sometimes it takes option after option before somebody decides what is right for them; it is better to start early. 

“If you quickly choose something during your freshman year then you can get started somewhere,” Threet said. “If you choose early you can explore more options, and you have a better idea of what you might want to do.”

August Barlow, a junior biology major from Hildale, has changed his major three times. He recently changed from a pre-med to a biology major because pre-med is not offered at Dixie State University. Barlow said he did have to take extra classes after adding a medical emphasis.

The Career Center can give students an idea of what might be right for them. At the Career Center, there are advisers who students can meet with who will help get the ball rolling. It also offers aptitude tests that can give students a better idea of what direction to head in.

Having an understanding of what a student might want to do really helps in choosing a major, and Threet said choosing a major is the hard part.

David Roos, executive director of enrollment services, said it doesn’t only cost money but time when students change their majors.

“When looking into changing your major there are many great tools on the Dixie website that can help you with your decision,” Roos said. “There is Degree Works inside your MyDixie that will let you do a ‘what if’ analysis. You can look and see what would happen if you were to change your degree.”

The ‘what if’ analysis tool is a great way to see how changing your major will affect you before you actually decide to do it, Roos said.

Students who are interested in taking the aptitude test can do so at Dixie.edu/career. Threet encouraged students to talk with a career counselor, before and after, in order to better understand the aptitude test and results.