Letter to the Editor: On-campus vulgarity

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As I walked through the room full of the students having a Black Student Union celebration, I was shocked to hear a song being blasted from the speakers that rapped the F-word 15 times within the 20 second time span that I passed through the room. A room, I might add, that had many young toddlers running around.

The fact that this is allowed on DSU’s campus in a school sponsored club is absolutely wrong, not only because it offends many people, but it makes Dixie look like scum.

If I had walked in on that “party” having never come to Dixie before, I would turn around and NEVER come back. It makes us look trashy, low-class, and under educated.

There needs to be some form of regulation for these types of events to keep them clean and family friendly. We are a public institution trying to clean up our image and this one experience has dropped my opinion of DSU even more. Perhaps the only way it can be rectified is if the administration creates a regulation that will eliminate this in the future.

Rachel Gee

Junior education major

St. George