Letter to the Editor: Unreasonable judgement worse than vulgarity

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I was in attendance in an advisory capacity at the recent BSU social mentioned by Rachel Gee in her letter to the editor. I also had my two young children with me. For the time I was in attendance, the music being played was edited. I took special note of this as my wife and I try to limit our young children’s exposure to profanity.

At one point, a popular hip-hop song came on that was not edited. It played for about thirty seconds, give or take, before the student in charge of the music noticed. This student, who was across the room socializing, quickly made their way over  and changed the song.

Furthermore, I do not think the characteristic that “makes Dixie look like scum”, to borrow Ms. Gee’s wording, is vulgarity. I think the problem stems from an individual judging a room full of people “within the 20 second time span that I passed through the room”.

I do not know Ms. Gee, but we cannot foster a unified institution if students are going to conclude a room full of their peers “makes us look trashy, low-class, and under educated” after twenty seconds of passive interaction. Frankly, that behavior is more vulgar than any four letter word.

Lish Harris

Criminal justice assistant professor