DSUSA connects with Japanese university

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Approximately 5,700 miles away is Nagoya, Japan, and our student government leaders will be traveling there in March. 

Dixie State University student leaders will be heading to Nagoya. The student leaders at Meijo University want to learn more about setting up a student government on their campus. They are also interested in social traditions that Dixie has. 

The trip was suggested by Bill Christensen, executive vice president of academics. It is being institutionally funded, but no student fees are being used. Dean of students Del Beatty will be escorting DSUSA executive council leaders; Jordon Sharp, director of student involvement and leadership; and Nate Staheli from the faculty senate. They will meet with student leaders at Meijo, which is located near Nagoya.

“Christensen has been working to create relationships with other institutions both domestically and internationally,” Sharp said. 

Sharp said Dixie and Meijo have a history of collaboration that started with the football teams. They would send their football team to Dixie to train. Student leaders are hoping this trip could mean more student exchanges, networking opportunities, professor visits and many more opportunities for DSU.  

“Dixie and Meijo have created a great partnership for growth, synergy, and cooperation,” Sharp said. 

There will also be talk of interactive projects between the two schools. 

“Jordon Sharp, Nate Staheli and I will be meeting with our counterparts at Meijo to discuss similarities and differences in our roles,” Beatty said. “This trip is part of the goal that vice president Christensen has to strengthen global connections, and strengthen an already existing relationship with Meijo.”

Not only are the executive leaders going to be learning, but the advisers will also be learning. Student leaders want to bring back as much information as they give.

“We are hoping to both teach and learn along with the student government of Meijo to better serve the students of Dixie State,” Sharp said.

Sharp said as the international population at Dixie grows, it is the student involvement and leadership department that needs to stay current and provide involvement opportunities.  

“This will be a powerful networking and learning opportunity for these student leaders to improve both organizations,” Sharp said.