Letter to the Editor: Smoking shouldn’t be discussed in school newspaper

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I am writing this letter, because I mean, what’s with all the drug-themed articles in last week’s paper? I mean, there’s an article about vaping and an article about marijuana in the same opinion section. The very same section!  I almost feel like the Dixie Sun News is saying, “Do drugs.” and I disagree with that. I do not like drugs and I do not think a school sanctioned paper should be approving the use of “vapes” and marijuana. The people that use “vapes” around campus are very annoying and I would like to see an article asking for them to be banned. Tobacco is already banned on campus and I don’t see why “vapes” shouldn’t be banned too.

I just think it makes Dixie look like uneducated scum that just sit around and smoke all the time. In my personal, humble opinion, “vapes” and marijuana are no laughing matter, [and shouldn’t be] in the school paper unless it’s talking about how scummy they are to our school.

Josh Sorenson
Sophomore business major
Santa Clara