Pizza eating habits reflect personality

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According to Pizza.com, pizza is one of the most popular foods in America and 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly.

But did you know that the way you eat pizza reveals a part of your personality? A study conducted by Patti Wood, a body language and human behavior expert, shows how you choose to eat pizza reveals one of four personality traits.

Wood describes these four traits as drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors. To go along with these traits there are four main ways you can eat pizza: you either fold it, use a fork and knife, eat the crust first or just eat it.

If you fold it you are a driver. You are adventurous, a multi-tasker, you get bored easily, and like to take risks.

If you eat the crust first you are an influencer. You like to challenge the status quo, talk loudly and get attention.

If you use a fork and knife you are a supporter. You remember birthdays, like to attend to the needs of others before your own needs and are the shoulder to cry on.

If you just bite it you are a careful corrector and perfectionist. You like to take try new things but usually go back to what feels normal and comfortable.

The website also stated that most people have a combination of two ways they eat pizzas.

When I eat pizza, I usually just bite it, but on occasion I do like to use a fork and knife if it is too hot or messy. Because I eat pizza both of these ways, I am a careful corrector and a supporter.

I was suspicious at first, because how could you possibly tell from eating pizza what personality type you are? It sounds almost too stupid to believe. 

However, after trying this experiment, it actually makes sense. My personality type is both a careful corrector and a supporter. The supporter fits my personality because my friends refer to me as the mom in our group of friends. I am the one to help them when they need it and make them feel loved. The careful corrector fits my personality because I like normal. I am willing to try new things, but I go back to what feels normal because it is comfortable and predictable. 

I had my friend participate as well. She eats the crust first and would be an influencer. She and I both agreed this is her personality. She loves being unique and her personality is loud and contagious. 

Remember, next time you choose to dig in to a slice of pizza, how you eat it reflects your personality.