Letter to the Editor: History can’t be changed

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For heaven’s sake! The name has been changed! Stop complaining about it! For those that want to change the name of Dixie, why don’t you think about it. You talk about all this history and shame about the name, the slavery and the cotton. What are you saying by wanting to change the name? You’re embarrassed about our history, but who isn’t? You’re ashamed we had slaves, but who didn’t back then? We are Dixie. This is our history. By wanting to change the name, it’s like you’re saying that you don’t want people to know that beautiful, pristine, perfect St. George, Utah, did something bad in its past. Everyone, everywhere, has done something bad. We deal with it. From that bug we stepped on to that friend we lied to, we pay the consequences or we change our attitude. Guess what, we changed our attitude! We embraced our past, because we changed our attitudes. We are Dixie. My opinion? No matter what the world thinks of Utah, I at least know what happened in our past here in Dixie, and I’m proud we grew and accepted and jumped hurdles. No longer is the name Dixie associated with slavery and cotton. The Dixie area of Utah is known for its kind folks, happy people, sunny weather, great hiking and all around good attitudes. Thank you, Dixie, for letting me grow up under your broad branches, although the sun can be a little harsh at times.

Desiree Chavez
Junior art major
St. George