Student recreates BuzzFeed’s chocolate cream cheese stuffed monkey bread

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Cooking, baking and even reheating frozen pizzas isn’t my forte, but recreating one of BuzzFeed’s recipes is something I would try again. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how to cook. My problem is I don’t have the patience for cooking. It’s like, you spend hours creating something only for it to be gone within 15 minutes. That’s just not appealing to me.

Even though I’m impatient, recreating BuzzFeed’s chocolate cream cheese stuffed monkey bread was definitely worth the patience and even all the devilish calories.

One annoying thing about recreating BuzzFeed’s food is there’s not a printable recipe to look at as you’re making it. I had to watch the video a bunch of times to memorize the process to make the monkey bread, but I got it down eventually.

The recipe called for Pillsbury rolls, chocolate chips, cream cheese, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. First, you flatten the dough and put a tiny square of cream cheese on it. Then you top it with some chocolate chips and roll it up into a ball. Then you put the balls into a bag filled with sugar and cinnamon and shake it all up.

You then get your trusty Bundt pan (sadly, I didn’t even know what this was) ready with some non-stick cooking spray, add some walnuts to the bottom, and put the sugary coated rolled-up dough into the pan. 

Next, you need to make the glaze, which is just brown sugar and melted butter mixed together. This was interesting to make because it didn’t turn out the way it looked in the video. It looked like sludge, but that’s okay, because anything with brown sugar in it is yummy, right? 

Finally, spread the sludge on the bread and pop that Bundt pan in to an oven heated to 350 degrees for 30 minutes and voila.

I had doubts about this creation turning out, but it turned out splendid, despite those doubts. 

If you love cooking, need to learn to love cooking, or you’re just bored, recreating one of BuzzFeed’s recipes is an experience worth trying.