Policy Steering Committee hopes to simplify code, encourage student feedback

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When it comes to policies on campus, officials said it’s time to get rid of the old and welcome the new.

A policy that will begin to go through the revision process is the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Policy on the Policy Library website.

“All policies need updating,” said Jim Haendiges, an assistant English professor and co-chair for the Policy Steering Committee. “When people start to go against policy or don’t act in policy, it starts to be an indication that the policy needs to be updated.”

The Students’ Rights and Responsibilities policy is currently 63 pages long. It was last revised in 2010, and some parts of the policy still say “Dixie State College.”

Sylvia Bradshaw, associate director for sponsored programs, said the policy needs to be simplified.

“We want to make it easier for students to read and understand,” Bradshaw said. “It’s hard to have any clarity when it’s that long.”

Bradshaw said any policy that needs to be revised or approved needs to go through a process. This process includes drafting a submission and assigning a policy owner. The policy then goes up for public and legal review, and necessary revisions will be made. Upon revision, university councils and the board of trustees officially approve the policies. 

Luke Keuouac, director of student involvement and leadership, said the review process for the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Policy hasn’t started yet, so there’s no way of telling if the changes will be big, but he said reviewing it is taken seriously.

“All policies on campus are reviewed periodically to make sure they are up to date,” Keuouac said. “Policy is taken seriously, and it will have to go through the entire policy process.”

Bradshaw said Keuouac will create a committee that’s involved with student leadership. They will look at the policy and decide what needs to be enhanced or clarified during the summer.

One thing the Policy Steering Committee wants students to know is that they do have a say in what policies take place on campus. Students can go onto the policy library website and make suggestions on what needs to be changed.

“Students can definitely be involved and get on the committee to help make these changes,” Bradshaw said.