For Enjoyment’s Sake: ‘New Girl,’ White Collar’ offer good story lines, mystery

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If you’re in for a laugh or a good story and some mystery, both “New Girl” and “White Collar” are awesome to watch, so grab a blanket and some snacks and get ready to binge.

“New Girl”

A word often associated with Zooey Deschanel is “quirky,” and in “New Girl” her character, Jess, is just that. Jessica Day, an elementary school teacher, has just been cheated on by her boyfriend of four years. With nowhere else to go, she looks to the Internet where she answers an ad for a new roommate. She moves into a loft apartment with three single guys: Nick Miller, Schmidt and Winston Bishop. Miller is a law school dropout, Schmidt is a glamorous man, and Winston is an former professional basketball player in Latvia.

Day is trying to be a part of the gang. She runs around getting involved in her roommates’ love lives, often causing more havoc than being helpful. Her best friend and model Cece Parekh is trying to keep Day and her meddling in check.

This show makes me feel better about my life. These roommates don’t have their lives put together and neither do I. They certainty don’t have anything figured out, and they’re 30, but, while watching them, I know if I am that old and still don’t have it all together, I can have fun anyway.

This fun-loving comedy is a great laugh. Day is always up to something that is sure to turn out differently than she expects and often backfires in some way. At the end of the day, her new roommates are there to help her out and make her feel better about her life. They love the quirky new girl, even if they are hesitant to be sensitive enough to admit it.

“White Collar”

Neal Caffrey is a suave con artist fond of the finer things in life like beautiful women and fine art. Caffrey made a deal with FBI agent Peter Burke to be let out of prison in order to help Burke as a criminal informant. Together, Burke and Caffrey prove that in order to catch the craftiest of criminals, you must hire the best of the business. 

Caffrey, played by the handsome Matt Bomer, is a charming art forger. With the help of his best friend, Mozzie, Caffrey is always getting into trouble, tempted by the thrill of a new con. Even though Caffrey is always pushing the buttons of his FBI handler, they develop a father-and-son like bond.  

This crime show is unlike others because it isn’t all about the cases. The new ways they solve the cases every time is interesting and exciting. There is a new con and a little love story and drama to accompany the elaborate puzzles and close encounters. With a con artist eager to test his boundaries and able to talk his way out of every situation, or at least most of them, there is never a dull moment.

Of course, Matt Bomer is a pretty face to look at which is always a plus when you’re watching a good show. There are a few good-looking women as well. All seasons of this show are on Netflix, so you don’t have to wait for further episodes to be available. You can watch it all the way through, and you won’t be disappointed by the ending.