Stay healthy by avoiding fast food

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Fast food can be a blessing as well as a curse. 

Fast food plays quite a role throughout my week, making it somewhat tough to eat healthy and stay fit as a college student. However, there are ways to escape this mindset and achieve a fit and healthy eating lifestyle. 

It is easy to be active, whether it is longboarding, attending the campus gym a couple of times a week, or even walking from class to class on campus. This part is easy for me. There are so many ways we can stay fit as a student in St. George, what is known for its outdoor activities. Nevertheless, our eating habits might be a different story.

“There are so many chemicals and preservatives in fast food; students don’t pay attention to those,” said Debbie Mosher, a nutrition and wellness professor. “Even though Top Ramen is a staple in college student meals, it is one of the worst things for you, containing more sodium in one packet than what is recommended in one day. Students should be more cautious.”

Kason Greenwall, a sophomore business major from Santaquinsaid he tries to be more cautious in eating healthier and eating out. 

“I enjoy eating out, but I’m trying to cut back to eating out once a week,” Greenwall said. “It’s hard when friends are always wanting to go out.”

Stuart Brightona medical assistant at the health and wellness centersaid: “Being in southern Utah, we encourage students to drink more water.”

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, water makes up an average of 50-60 percent of the body and is needed for normal function. The study said not drinking enough water could hinder one’s performance and even the normal function of their body. Water creates a balance in our diet that is curtail to the body.

Another tip is to always eat breakfast. Breakfast helps the body wake up and the mind get ready to learn for the day. Many studies show that breakfast is key to a healthy diet.

Consuming too much food can also create a problem. 

I notice franchises often sucker me with their large meal portions. Just for a couple dollars more, I can get the “Supersized” meal and be totally fine with it. These deals are often too good for me to pass up. I later regret it when I am too tired to pay attention.

Often, students like me will consume a huge meal and are tired afterward, which makes it harder for them to focus. When I eat junk food, I notice the same thing; my energy level is later shot and my focus is not as clear. 

Whichever way you chose to improve your health and activity, be consistent. From my experience, consistency in eating or staying fit will make managing other sections of life practical as well. I am currently attending the gym more regularly every week and though it makes me tired and sore I feel an energy boost throughout my day giving me that focus I need. Food can be the same way.

Integrating these tips and others you may have in mind can help your test scores, grades and activity because of the benefits that come from healthy eating habits.

Just like DeTorres, I often catch myself in happier moods when I eat healthy which also helps me have a greater desire to learn and participate in school.