Media pressures society

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   We live in a society where we feel the need to look better than the people around us.
   Media has huge impact on how we physically want to look for both sexes. Whether on TV or in magazines we strive to look like those gorgeous celebrities. 
   Most men will not talk about their physical looks because they feel they need to be manly and they shouldn’t care what they look like. But the media has created an image of the perfect body that young men are trying to live up to.
Guys feel pressure to stay in shape like models in the media because of the social college environment. Where everyone wants to look as good as they can to impress one another.
   In college, a lot of people are looking for friends or relationship partners, and it is human nature to check out all the people around us and judge them by their physical looks. It’s mostly why college-age women and men work so hard on their bodies. 
   “I think men do feel pressure on being in shape because no matter what, people judge, and not a lot of people want to feel judged.” said Ben Jones a senior Business administration major, from Newport, California.
   A lot of the time, men feel pressured or have the desire to look more fit for personal goals, to stand out from the the crowd, to feel stronger for themselves, or to impress partners or potential partners.
   I like to work out and go to the gym, but there are times when I do not feel motivated at all. On the other hand, I see most of the time guys are empowered and have determination when it comes to lifting every single day or working to get faster. 
   All guys have different reasons motivating them to reach their goals, but I think is in a man’s nature to want to feel stronger in every way because they feel they have to protect their friends and families.
   “I work out because I want to be strong enough to protect myself and the people I love,” said David Colson a freshman English major from Danbury, Connecticut.
   It is up to every guy individually how they want to physically look. If they want to follow the stereotypical perfect body shown in the media, it should be because they feel happiest that way. But men should not feel pressured to look a certain way because of the way the media depicts a perfect body.