Lost Arts: Political correctness limits freedom of speech

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   Donald Trump may have some crazy ideas, but he may have a point when it comes to throwing political correctness out the window as he acts on his right to freedom of speech.

   Before you come running with your knives and pitchforks, I want to explain myself on why I agree with this idea. I am not saying I’m for or against Trump, but I feel strongly about his ability to express his thoughts, even if they are offensive. 

   I know Trump has said some nasty things. I don’t think anyone should talk to or talk about others in such a manner. Unfortunately, this happens and sometimes we have to live with the consequences of other’s choices whether we like it or not.

   When our country was founded over two centuries ago, the Founding Fathers believed it was an essential right for American people to speak freely about whatever their hearts desired, for good or for bad. 

   It is a right that some individuals around the world do not have.

   As American citizens, we can stand on the corners of various streets and protest any idea, event or individual we disagree with. In venues like town hall meetings, we can express our concerns for the welfare of our town, city, state or country. 

   In these situations we should be welcomed to say what is on our mind, even if some phrases may be offensive to others. 

   The American public, especially millennials, have become so sensitive. American citizens quiver at the sound, thought or vocalization of any idea that contradicts their own belief.  

   If I publicly speak about my belief in God, some may feel I am preaching. For me, not talking about my belief is God feels as if I’m having to suppress my opinion. Both parties become constantly worried about offending or being offended.

   If people were not so easily offended, there would be no need for political correctness. We shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear of offending someone for saying what is on our mind.  

   Political correctness weakens us as a nation because it forces us further and further apart. Sensitivity is spreading throughout the nation and every statement that proceeds from our lips becomes predetermined to be unoffensive. 

   It was the ability to speak one’s mind that allowed the Founding Fathers to establish such a great country.

   What makes America so great is the uniqueness of every individual who calls this land home. Our uniqueness should bring us together and make us stronger, not drive us further apart.

   This idea of political correctness is limiting Americans’ right to freedom of speech and preventing us from coming together as a country. It dictates what can and can’t be said in the media, and it prevents people from speaking their mind in public settings. It creates social ramifications for doing the very thing the Founding Fathers promised us the rights to.

   People should be at least considerate or respectful of their fellow human beings.  If we all spoke to each other with no respect the country would be divided and all unity would be gone, but we should still be able to speak our minds, regardless of the words used. 

   I love the ability I have to express my thoughts, so bring back freedom of speech and become less sensitive, America.

   I’m ready for your knives and pitchforks.