Why Donald Trump won

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In shocking fashion, America turned its back on politicians and voted to “drain the swamp” and make America great again by electing Donald Trump.

Republicans maintained Senate and House control, and now with conservative Trump, it’s a clean conservative sweep. Media and news networks are calling it “the most stunning upset in American history.”

Even though I supported Donald Trump and the “Make America Great Again” movement, I was incredibly surprised by the results of the presidential election. Exit polls and media outlets predicted a Clinton victory, and Fox News said they would likely call the election by 11 p.m. By 1 a.m. the results had me jumping for joy.

When Trump decided to run for president, I, along with several major media outlets, thought he did not really have a shot. When Ted Cruz beat him in Iowa, it was the same rhetoric: Trump is not capable of winning. 

Until Trump took Wisconsin on election night, I bought what the media was selling me. Then Trump did what I thought was nearly impossible—he won. How did he do this? It seems to me he won the election for two reasons.

The first reason has nothing to do with who he was, but who he was not. Many Americans, including myself, are frustrated with politicians like Hillary Clinton. She was so disliked that many of Trump’s votes came from people who voted against Hillary, not for Trump. 

Americans are tired of scandals, lies and years of continuing problems that never get solved. That is what the vote proved Tuesday. Trump wants to drain the proverbial swamp, to change the culture in Washington District of Columbia, and put an end to the regime of politicians who are all talk, no action. America adopted his goal to rid Washington of corruption and ineffectiveness. Movement and momentum trumped the Clinton political machine and establishment—pun intended.

The second reason he won was because he is a successful businessman who has promised to put an end to a few incredibly imperative issues in this country including economic issues like growing national debt and detrimental fiscal policies. Exit polls showed that economic unrest was by far the most concerning issue, and Trump was the best candidate to find a solution.

Say what you want about Trump’s temperament and rude comments he has made over the years, Trump is a winner a go-getter. He is a different look and a new start. 

Trump created a movement. He became the voice of so many working and middle class citizens who felt politicians were ignoring them, and they voted for the candidate who would bring the most change. 

This was a referendum against politicians who promise too much but deliver too little. A new chapter begins in American politics, and it’s not headed by a politician.