Book Nook: ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ cute read perfect for holidays

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Sometimes we need a helping hand to get into the holiday spirit, and there are few better ways than reading a Christmas-themed book.

Hold off on re-reading your Christmas classics and give “Twelve Days of Christmas” by Debbie Macomber a try. Macomber gives us a perky and sassy heroine in Julia Padden and a handsome love interest in Cain Maddox.

Julia is a recent college grad toiling at a retail job and working toward her dream job of being a social media manager. In a trial run with the company she hopes to work for, Julia has to create a large following for a blog she runs through the month of December. The subject of her blog? Grumpy neighbor Cain and the 12 days of Christmas where Julia attempts to “kill him with kindness.”

Naturally – this is both a Christmas story and a romance book – the two start to fall in love. But, in a somewhat standard trope, Julia eventually has to reveal the reason she’s being so nice to Cain.

The book is a quick read, with only 253 pages.  Part of the ease of reading comes from a natural interspersion of dialogue and inner monologue. The other part was just how funny the characters’ interaction were, like the conversation below:

“Just shut up and kiss me,” she demanded, grabbing his hand and leading him toward the bus stop.


“Are you going to stand here and argue with me so I miss the bus, am late for work, get fired, and go on welfare?”

While I chose a Christmas-themed book for this month’s review, I am somewhat of a Grinch, and I generally don’t care for romance stories (Georgette Heyer gets a pass). However, Macomber’s book is surprisingly charming. It isn’t a sappy book, constantly going on about how Julia and Cain’s hearts pound when they look at each other.

There is, however, some over-the-top romantic language:

“You’re the one I dream about at night, the one I look forward to seeing in the mornings, the one who makes my heart sing with joy.”

However, this kind of language is limited and easy to power through.

So settle down with your favorite drink, a fluffy blanket and this book to get your holiday off on the right foot.

Dixie Sun rating: 4 suns out of 5