Diversity continued…

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Those who have a goal of maintaining diversity on Dixie State University’s campus said there will always be more to be done.

After a new position called the Diversity Inclusion Coordinator for DSU Student Association was created, more positions were added to help diversity on DSU’s campus.

Mike Nelson, outreach coordinator for the Multicultural and Inclusion Center, said the MIC is continuing to build the MIC’s Student Council by adding the first Multicultural Student President.

“[The president is] the voice for minority and underrepresented students on campus,” Nelson said. “[The president will] advocate for students, meeting with the student body president about any concerns affecting minority students.” 

A position at the MIC also became available in October. Daneka Souberbielle, the former interim director of intercultural engagement, is now the director of the MIC after Christina Duncan left the position and DSU. Duncan declined to comment on why she left. 

Duncan left her position as the Diversity and Inclusion Fellow under President Biff Williams as well. General Counsel Doajo Hicks, who is now the Chief Diversity Officer, has replaced Duncan’s position as the Chief Officer of Diversity.

“[My position] is really just trying to assist with diversity university-wide,” Hicks said. 

After some students expressed concern in a Dixie Sun News’ article titled “Diversity at DSU: New position on DSUSA to encourage diversity at DSU” about not knowing there was a MIC center or not feeling welcomed, Nelson said students not knowing there is a center for minority students is a priority.

“We continue to market our services and new location to students year round,” Nelson said. “I have seen a increase of students since our move from the basement of the [Student Activities Center].” 

Hicks said one of his main goals as Chief Officer of Diversity is to not only support and promote the MIC, but to “hopefully” one day have students go through the MIC if a minority scholarship or other service is needed. 

When it comes to diversity at DSU, Nelson said the MIC’s work will never be done. The main focus for the MIC this semester is DSU’s latino population. Nelson said the latino population is the largest minority student population, and having access to this population and materials in Spanish is important.

“There are always groups that will need support, and that’s why we’re here,” Nelson said.