DSU intramurals offer variety of sports, ways to get involved on campus

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Dixie State University is growing the intramurals program and will be gaining new sports to offer to students.

Campus recreation took over the intramural program in 2007. With a variety of sports and over 2,900 athletes competing in intramurals, the program has grown to one of the top programs in the state of Utah. According to bestcolleges.com, in 2016 Dixie State University ranked No. 20 in intramurals sports because they offer over 43 sports which include coed flag football, soccer, sand volleyball, corn hole, pickle ball, ping pong and  basketball.

“In my mind we are still one of the top programs,” said David Howell, assistant director of intramurals. “It stills holds true for being one of the top intramurals in the state.”  

The program offers sports to individual, dual and team sports for both male and female.

Although intramurals isn’t all about winning, the teams can get fairly competitive.

“I play intramurals because I like to win,” said Thaddeus Hildebrant, a junior business major from St.  George.

With a range of recreational opportunities available, anyone is willing to participate from students to faculty members. All you have to do is sign up on iamleague.com, select which event you want to partake in and make sure you have enough time for practices and game schedules. 

You can also be a free agent and be picked up by a team once a team sees your potential. You don’t have to be highly skilled because everyone ranges in age and ability, said Howell.  
Although DSU intramural program is all encompassing and can be more of a fun hobby, several teams and individuals can become quite competitive. Those teams that consider themselves ‘the best of the best’ will go onto tournaments for a chance to win an intramural championship T-shirt. provided by the DSU intramural programs. 

“I got involved with intramurals because its competive, and I get to play with my friends,” said Moriah Spainhower, a sophomore communication major from St. George.

Howell schedules the games, and the intramural staff will keep stats on the teams and players.

The purpose is to get every student to be physically active in the sports of their choosing. The campus recreation provides the equipment for the sports, except for football cleats.

“Some teams practice, some don’t,” Howell said. “The students are the coaches. How they structure the team is up to the them.”

With any on-campus sport, participants may play on one coed team and one other team in a season. DSU is committed to getting students involved and social on campus, while staying active and having fun.

Different sports are offered in the fall and in the spring. Go to recreation.dixie.edu to check out what sports are available for this fall semester .