NCAA fans can be loud, supportive of teams; certain noisemakers prohibited

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   Dixie State University fans can be loud and proud, but they must do so respectfully. With basketball season just beginning, get to know your rights as a fan when cheering on your Trailblazers.

   The NCAA,, PacWest and Burns Arena all have rules surrounding what fans can and can’t do while supporting their teams. The rules are in place to promote good sportsmanship and to provide a fair competitive environment.

   Some of the Burns Arena’s prohibited items include noisemakers like thunder sticks, musical instruments, whistles, air horns and boom boxes, banners, helium balloons, unsliced fruit, laser pointers and poles or sticks. These items are banned for the safety of the athletes as well as fair play free of major distractions.

   Boothe said students get rowdiest during football and basketball games, and he encourages students to be present, be loud and have fun, but all while following the rules.

   “We have to follow the rules,” Athletic Director Jason Boothe said. “Cheer loudly and be supportive of your team. We don’t need to disparage the other team.”

   DSU’s X-Club is normally on the front lines of all sporting events. The club is known for getting dressed up and bringing trash cans to the football games.  X-Club President Tyler Nelson, a senior sports medicine major from St. George, said the club and crowd sometimes get in trouble for reading players’ names off the roster and then calling them out during game time, but he said no matter what X-Club is always front row when supporting DSU’s teams.

   “We make sure we are holding [blow-up head signs] at basketball games and being rowdy,” Nelson said.

   He said students should wear DSU swag and come stand in the student section to add to the energy that supports the athletes.

   “Honestly, our home crowd is such a huge boost,” said head volleyball coach Robyn Felder. “We really play well at home because we have so many great fans who we love to play well for.”

   Felder said on the volleyball team’s D-Day game, all the other sports teams were there, and they added a huge boost to the crowd.

   “I can still see all of them screaming and standing up for our game point and then when we won, they rushed the court cheering,” she said. “It was awesome.”

   DSU’s prohibited items are prohibited for specific reasons, and fans can still get just as energetic without the added distractions. As Felder said, showing up and cheering like crazy is the most effective way to help the team.

   To see the full list of what is allowed at the Burns Arena, visit http://bit.ly/2iJMYdF or see the graphic accompanying this article.