Students, staff look back on Hainsworth’s election year

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As Dixie State University’s 2017-18 Student Body President, Ezra Hainsworth has made changes to school spirit and the mental health of students.

During his election period, Hainsworth, a senior communication studies major from St. George, made promises to students. He promised he would maintain student health, build relationships and raise overall school spirit.

Dakota Johnson, a junior communication major from Ogden, said: “I was there for the entire election process and from what I can tell, Ezra kept all of his promises. Unlike a stereotypical SBP candidate, Hainsworth didn’t promise us more vending machines — he promised us the things we needed, and he delivered.”

Maintaining Health

Hainsworth made it a point to maintain students’ health during his time as SBP, and he accomplished just this. 

He focused part of his time in office trying to get free consultations for students at the Health and Counseling Center. While this has not been implemented just yet, Hainsworth said he is able to do this through meeting with the student fee allocation committee. 

“The fee is up for review and we are requesting enough money so students don’t have to pay to go see someone in the Health and Counseling Center,” Hainsworth said.

In addition to getting free consultations for students, Hainsworth also played a major role in securing plans for the Human Performance Center. 

Luke Kerouac, director of student involvement and leadership, said: “He has taken what the students want and really fought for them. At one point they were trying to get court space out of the HPC, but Ezra knew that the students wanted the courts and recreational space so he was a big proponent on why those spaces stayed.”

Hainsworth took steps toward maintaining the health and wellness of students by securing their needs of recreational space in the HPC.

Building Relationships

Through bringing attention to students’ mental and physical health, he also developed relationships with the students, attending events all over campus.

“I made it a point to go to as many activities as possible,” Hainsworth said. “Me being at these events made myself more recognizable by students. This then made them more comfortable with approaching me with their concerns, and I was then able to voice those concerns to President Williams.”

Raising School Spirit

One of the commitments Hainsworth was determined to meet was school spirit. He said he successfully increased the amount of school spirit among students by bringing back the idea of a school fight song. Hainsworth, along with President Williams and the fandom committee, took on the project and had the song finished before football season. 

However, this was not the only aspect of school spirit Hainsworth planned on bringing back. 

Hainsworth said: “There was a lot of indecision on what was going to happen with Dixie Fest last year. Although we had a great event with the paint battle, I still think there was a bit of a let down among the students. This year though because I was able to give autonomy to my vice presidents we are going to have Dixie Fest and that’s something the students should really be excited about.”

Hainsworth has made his mark on DSU, Kerouac said. 

“Ezra made sure the voices of the students were heard and so those will be big shoes to fill,” Kerouac said.