Sports opinion: Best of DSU athletic uniforms

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Dixie State University brings a wide variety of different color combinations and styles into its athletic uniforms; some are eye popping while others can be eye sores. 

Although some might leave you wondering “Who even designed that?” I will be focusing on the ones that make you say “Those uni’s are nice.”

Here are the top five uniforms throughout Trailblazer athletics, the ones even players on opposing teams look and respect how DSU looks during competition.

5. Women’s basketball gray uniform

While I know gray is not a color that comes to mind first when someone thinks about DSU, the gray is what I like about this jersey.

It is unique with being one of the few uniforms to have gray be the main color, and the red numbers with white lettering surrounding them make the numbers easy to read. 

While the Trailblazers can wear this both on the road and at home, I thought it brought a fresh look to the team when they wore them at home, something different from the normal white uniforms teams usually wear. 

While I do like the gray I wish it was a darker gray, and that’s why I can’t place this uniform any higher. This transition would be much more complimentary.

4. Football home red uniform

Trailblazer fans have most likely only seen the home red uniforms for the football team, which are far superior to the white ones they wear on the road. 

What I like about this unique uniform is it incorporates all three of DSU’s colors with the all-red uniform with a blue stripe down the pants.

These jerseys made their debut in 2015 paired with a matte black helmet with a red stripe down the middle and the DSU “D” on each side. They now are comprised of a glossy red helmet with a blue Trailblazer logo on each side.     

There are two things I don’t like about the uniform: The Trailblazer logo is difficult to see on the helmet, and the numbers are blue on the top fading down to a red.

I think it would look better as solid blue. While I do like the red, the use of the other colors on the uniform is what keeps it at number four on the list.

3. Baseball navy blue uniform

 This uniform was worn during opening night for the baseball team, featuring white pants and navy-blue stirrup socks. The lettering on the front of the jersey is red with blue numbers outlined in red. 

During the opening night in the stands, it was difficult to make out the numbers on the jerseys due to the blue on blue coloring, but that is what I like about it. It is similar to the football jersey of all one color, only with the navy-blue instead of red, but the white pants help the jersey stand out.

If the numbers were a red or a white they would stand out too much. The monochromatic feel makes the jersey look sleek with the navy-blue hats with the red brim. The one thing I would add to this to make it better would be if all of the players wore white cleats. 

2. Women’s soccer white uniform

The women’s soccer team has a white uniform that brings in another color not found in a great amount on most DSU jerseys: black. Being in St. George and playing in warm temperatures in the fall might make one think twice about wearing black, but luckily soccer does not play in the middle of the day.    

This uniform has a mostly white jersey with black numbers and a black stripe down the side of the jersey and shorts. What I love about the uniform is the bottom of the shorts and edge of the sleeves where white fades into a solid black.    

While other DSU uniforms have variations of two colors fading together, the use in this uniform is by far the best. With the white socks to complete the uniform, this is one of the more unique jerseys that a DSU team has to offer, and even while not including much red or blue, this takes the second best uniform spot.

1.Men’s basketball red uniform

The best uniform goes to the DSU men’s basketball all-red uniforms. A lot of people might not have seen this uniform before, since players normally wear it when the team is on the road, but in 2018 players wore it on senior night. The lettering is a navy-blue outlined with white while the letters are the opposite.

One thing I really like about it is at the bottom of each side of the shorts there is a Trailblazers logo, and it fades into a slightly darker red. The lettering and numbers, both with colors and the font, are what makes this jersey look clean and make; it the best-looking uniform at DSU.