Editor’s note: Casablanca ad not out of context; Dixie Sun encourages conversation on ad

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The Dixie Sun is enthused that a Casablanca ad, that’s been running in our features section for the past few weeks, has sparked conversation.

Some concerns have been brought to our attention, such as the ad is borderline advertising prostitution and advertising an event that doesn’t fit the majority age group of Dixie State University’s students. I’m hoping to put some of those concerns to rest or at least start a civil conversation with our readers. 

As the editor-in-chief of a news organization, a student in the media studies department and as a woman, I fully understand the way women are over-sexualized in media and often used as objects to make messages in media seem out of context. With that said, this ad isn’t out of context. The full page Casablanca ad is advertising a beach party, and like most beach parties, women will wear bikinis. 

And this isn’t the first time DSU students haven been exposed to women wearing less than a T-shirt and jeans. Last year women in thongs and bras were seen running around campus for a “nearly naked mile.” 

As for the age group at DSU, according to collegefactual.com, 45.5 percent of students range from age 18-22, and nearly 40 percent of students are under the age of 21. The Dixie Sun serves more than just students as well; we serve faculty, staff and the community. 

Advertising is also how we receive our own funding. Our funding that from student fees was on the verge of getting cut by 50 percent last month. DSU Student Association made it a point that they can’t dictate how we spend our funding, so there is no reason to criticize the fact that we receive funding from advertising. You can’t have it both ways. A contract was signed and the ad has already been paid for.

Although the ad will still appear in the Dixie Sun, we still encourage conversation and invite letters to the editor. You can contact us with any thoughts or concerns at DixieSun@dixie.edu.