OPINION: Working on campus can save you time, money and energy

Lesley Gallardo is a sophomore elementary education major from California and works at Brook’s stop. DSU students can work on campus which benefits students networking, builds relationships with staff and can save a lot of expenses avoiding transportation. Photo By Jessica Johnson

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When I was a freshman in college I thought it was the best idea to work an off-campus job. I had never been exposed to anything else and really wasn’t aware that there were any other options.

Then I was offered a position at the Writing Center here on campus and it changed not just my college experience, but my life. I haven’t gone back since.

As college students, we have the amazing opportunity to apply for jobs in the same location as where we attend school – oftentimes with the same people and in the same career field.

Students need to take advantage of this opportunity instead of taking jobs outside of campus. Working at Dixie State University as students can help us build relationships, save money and is overall easier on our already busy schedules.

Networking with professors and others on campus is one of the most important things you can do as a college student. If you work on campus you are more likely to form these vital relationships that can help you succeed further on.

As Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, John Raacke and Samantha Elliot from a Psychology Student Network article explain, “We often tell our students that what you know gets you in the room but it is who you know that will get you a seat at the table.”

Therefore, working campus jobs is not only a benefit for students in terms of networking and building relationships with professors, advisers and others in our field, but it is also kind on our wallets.

By working at the Writing Center I was exposed to more professors as a regular student and was able to build strong relationships with them. I also gained exposure to the Dixie Sun News and applied for my second on-campus job. These are all opportunities I would not have received if I took my work elsewhere.

“We often tell our students that what you know gets you in the room but it is who you know that will get you a seat at the table.”

Working on campus was also a huge relief financially. I, like most college students, was struggling for money and every dollar spent made a difference. College is extremely expensive, and it can often seem overwhelming when combined with the rest of the responsibilities you have to pay for. Being able to save on transportation costs made my life even more stress-free.

The College Board estimated that the average student spends about $1,160 on transportation costs every year. So, if you can find ways to save on gas or transportation, that is a huge weight off your shoulders.  

DSU also offers free public transit through the SunTran that stops right on campus, making it extremely easy for those with jobs to get to work without paying for this high transportation cost.

Not only will working on-campus benefit you in the long run, but it is also an instant time saver.

At DSU, it’s extremely easy to find on-campus jobs with the use of Handshake. At any point throughout their college career, students can log on and apply to any number of positions DSU’s Career Center and other organizations have posted. There are currently over 45 on-campus jobs listed.

If that isn’t easy enough, you can also upload your transcript, resumé or any other document on Handshake so it is readily available for employers to view. 

DSU also posts information about upcoming job fairs and other events that students seeking employment might be interested in.

One common reason a student might choose to work off-campus is the variety of jobs that are available. However, if you know what you are passionate about, know what you want to go into, and are studying that subject there is a good chance DSU Career Services will be able to find a position for you.

I urge you to go into the Career Center, set up an account on Handshake, and take advantage of these on-campus jobs. Make your life easier. You’ll be glad you did.