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Senior dance students complete capstone despite social distancing

College dance classes may seem to be impossible to do online, but students and faculty at Dixie State University are determined to make it work. The dance capstone occurs in two semesters: the first semester, students take a course in the fall centered around choreography, then in the spring, these students focus on creating self-promotional […]

Capstone projects continue through COVID-19 disruption

It is the time of year for seniors to showcase all they have learned throughout their educational experience with their senior capstone projects. With the move to remote learning and the partial closure of the Dixie State University campus due to COVID-19, these projects have had to take a more creative approach, especially for those […]

Policy progress at DSU

Dixie State University has undergone major changes since its establishment in 1911, from mascot changes to athletic advancements to increased enrollment. At the end of fall 2020, this change should extend to all policies within the DSU policy library. Travis Rosenberg, executive director of human resources, said because of a new policy template that was […]

COLUMN: From the ballot box: Gov. Herbert needs to step up

The Stay Safe, Stay Home directive is not enough. People need to stay home. You have heard this request again and again and again; however, not everyone gets the message. Now, as the COVID-19 death rate continues to climb, it is absolutely necessary that Gov. Gary Herbert issues the official state-wide order. The current directive, […]

DSU nursing students’ work, learning, future uncertain in light of COVID-19

Since the rise of COVID-19, hospital staff across the world go into work aware of the risk of contracting the disease themselves and transmitting it to those around them. Ashlynn Wray, a senior nursing major from Parowan, is one of these staff members. Wray has worked in the observation and emergency room departments of Dixie […]

Classes move online amid Coronavirus outbreak

Dixie State University is moving all lecture-based classes online starting on March 23 due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. According to DSU’s coronavirus information page, hands-on classes, such as clinicals and labs, will receive specific instructions from their instructors via Canvas/Dmail accounts. If your professor has not reached out to you […]

COLUMN: Ballot Box: It is time to run

I was ecstatic when Elizabeth Warren announced she was running for president on Feb. 19. I was in high school when I first discovered my admiration for her strength. I presented about her life in my leadership classes and spoke about how I one day aspired to be like her.  On March 3, I posted […]

Faculty put past behind them after lawsuits, tension

Things are quiet at Dixie State University after years of tension. The term quiet would not have been a word that echoed the halls of DSU throughout 2019 when two tenured faculty members were terminated and asked to sign controversial Last Chance Agreements for allegedly violating DSU policies. A federal lawsuit from one of these […]

COLUMN: Ballot Box: New church handbook oversteps democratic boundaries

Let’s talk about boundaries    It is time to acknowledge the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has its hand too heavily involved in the politics of Utah.    This interference was brought to the forefront of the public’s eye yet again after the release of a new handbook for members and leaders of the church […]