Parking accommodations to be made

Parking seems to be the bane of every college student’s existence. However, things at Dixie State are going to change concerning parking. Photo by Madison Boyd.

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Parking seems to be the bane of every college students existence; however, Dixie State University is attempting to think ahead and make improvements before the issue gets out of hand.

Josh Thayne, executive director of event services and risk management, said DSU has plans to accommodate the ever-increasing number of students. These plans include more parking stalls and parking garages being added to the university campus.

Specifically, the Edith S. Whitehead Education building will be torn down after the opening of the Science, Engineering and Technology building and a parking lot will be added. Another parking lot near facilities management, which lies south of Shiloh Hall dorms, is also going to be available, said Sherry Ruesch, executive director of facilities management.

“We are exploring a paperless hang-tag/sticker permit system to a license plate permit reading system,” Thayne said. “The number of parking permits sold and prices will likely increase to meet the campus parking demands [such as parking garages].”

Jeremy Young, assistant professor of history, said the parking garages sound like a good idea; however, he would like to see consideration about parking permit price increases for students who need financial aid or for students that live on campus.

While there have not been many complaints about parking south of campus near the baseball fields, other areas have had problems, Ruesch said.

Blake Ence, a junior business administration major from St. George, agrees.

“Parking up by the science building is almost impossible unless you get lucky and there is a student pulling out,” Ence said. “But [parking near the Hazy] is not too bad.”

“Parking seems to be the bane of every college students existence”

ABBy doman, dsn staff

This semester there has been an increasing number of students parking in spots not designated for parking, such as out-of-stall in lot drive lanes and along curbs not striped for parking stalls, Thayne said. This parking is for emergencies and, therefore, poses a risk.

Thayne said he would like to remind students that “white-marked stalls are for students, yellow-marked for faculty/staff only, and green-marked for visitors (non-student, employee) only.”

Visit parking.dixie.edu for answers to frequently asked questions, a map and other parking resources.