OPINION: Pro: DSU homecoming is inclusive, engaging

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By Maire McDonough

Homecoming week at Dixie State University is all about entertainment, tradition and Trailblazer spirit.

School pride is displayed in everything that happens during DSU Homecoming Week. From the pennant flags strung from the light poles to the face and body painted students cheering their hearts out at the football game, nothing says “We are Trailblazers!” quite like Homecoming Week does.

Nothing says “We are Trailblazers!” quite like Homecoming Week does.

Maire mcdonough, Contributor

DSU strives to create an experience for students, faculty, staff and alumni through hosting 11 major events throughout the week. Beginning with the Kick-Off event, Monday, October 21st at 8:30 am, students and alumni will host booths with free food and information about the upcoming week’s activities. With so many events planned, there is an activity for everyone!

The selection of events is suited to a variety of audiences and ensures that there are opportunities for everyone to participate in this fun week on campus. From the Classic Car Show and Carnival, to the Drive-In Movie and Homecoming Parade, students, alumni, and community members alike are all encouraged to get involved.

It is impressive to note that this year, Dixie State will host 11 non-athletic, Homecoming exclusive events. Compared to Utah State University, who hosts 9 such events, or our neighbors to the North, SUU, who only host 5, DSU is “blazing the trail” with fun homecoming celebrations.

Despite all the social gatherings, Homecoming week is about more than just the events. This week truly embodies the Dixie Spirit through the energy that is amplified throughout campus.  

Christian Francis, a junior business administration major and former Weber State University student said: “I honestly couldn’t tell you much about Weber State’s Homecoming. I don’t even remember hearing about it or seeing anything about it.”

When asked about Dixie State’s Homecoming Week, Francis said: “I can always tell when it is Homecoming at Dixie State because of all of the decorations and events. It’s impossible to miss. The whole campus has a huge community feel to it.”

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