OPINION | Utah Tech’s top events from the 2023-2024 school year

Utah Tech is known for its various on-campus events throughout the year. As the 2023–24 school year comes to an end, we reminisce on our top five memorable events. Cora Mark | Sun News Daily

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With the school year coming to an end, there have been many events that have occurred over the school year, each one unique and different and full of fun for everyone to enjoy.

Utah Tech University has put on some killer activities this school year that I have loved. Many people attended these events and had a great time. Here’s a look back at my top Utah Tech activities. 

Foam Dance

The Foam Dance took place Aug. 25, 2023, and was a great party for all students to attend. The dance was themed “Barbie” in honor of the new “Barbie” movie that came out. 

This event was put on by the Utah Tech Student Association and was held in the Campus View Suites II parking lot. 

With this dance, people got a live DJ, and tons of foam sprayed all over the venue and themselves. People could be in the mosh pit right at the stage in the heart of the loud music, or, if they weren’t into that, there was plenty of dance room outside of the mosh pit so they could avoid the jumping and dancing.

The DJ had great taste in music, and the pink foam really added to this experience. I enjoyed my time here and would definitely go back for more next year. The event was a highly recommended experience for all students to participate in and enjoy.


Chaos was another dance held Oct. 31, 2023. But instead of foam and “Barbie,” this one was all about Halloween. UTSA put on the event and they did not disappoint in their delivery of a good time for everyone. 

During their annual Halloween dance, people got to dress up to their heart’s content and party it out. There were many activities for students to engage in, including tarot card reading, a rage room, carnival games and just enjoying the music and dancing.

I loved every aspect of this activity because not only did I get to dress up, but I also got to enjoy the various carnival games and live DJ performing dance-worthy music. A definite 10/10 rating in my book for this activity.

Kite Festival

The Dixie Power Kite Festival was held April 6 and was a fun-filled day for families, students and children to come and enjoy their time.

The festival was put on by Dixie Power to raise money for literacy to donate to the Washington County School District. Children were able to participate by reading charts and turning them in during the festival to win prizes. 

There was food, live entertainment, various vendors, bounce houses and kite flying. It was a great time for everyone to come and engage with people and get out of the house. 

I loved the family aspect of this event. It wasn’t only tailored to Utah Tech students, but everyone in the community. It had an upbeat and carnival feeling to it, making it fun and inviting for anyone who wanted to participate. 

Live and Local

Live and Local, which was held April 10, allowed students to come to the Encampment Mall to enjoy live bands. They were able to sit out on the grass with blankets and enjoy food and drinks.

The atmosphere was fun and relaxing as students were able to get away from homework for the night and enjoy music and food and spend time with friends as well. 

I included this event because dances or bigger events may not be every student’s thing, so this is perfect for them. A student does not have to be into dancing or being in a huge crowd to attend Live and Local. It’s an event someone can attend alone or with friends and just sit and listen to music. 

I did not have to party or dance or be incredibly social. I was able to sit in the grass on a blanket and watch live bands perform for free. It was a much-needed break from homework. 

D-Week Carnival

D-Week is an annual week filled with various traditions, from painting the “D” on the hill to the Great Race and the Carnival.

The Carnival was held April 12 and was open to all community members who could come to play carnival games, jump in bounce houses, win prizes from games and enjoy food and drinks. 

This was a great day for children, families and students as it had something for everyone.

It was a great event because of the various carnival games students and community members could play and win prizes throughout the day. This enhanced the experience for me.

These events allowed the community and students to enjoy a day filled with fun. I look forward to the fall 2024 – spring 2025 event schedule. USTA should continue to have these events because they increase the fun college experience and allow community members to join in on the fun.