COLUMN: Ballot box: Help us help you

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The effects of the fake news phenomenon are not just isolated to large news organizations such as CNN or FOX. It impacts your local newspapers— even down to the Dixie Sun News and its individual reporters.

Each time I sign up for my position at the Dixie Sun News I am met with new challenges and unexpected roadblocks, whether it be getting kicked out of open faculty senate meetings, starting a national campaign, being accused of performing Dixie State University’s “dirty work,” or reading hate mail about what we choose to print. 

As a student journalist, these things have a huge impact on me. I have nearly resigned a handful of times in light of them.

This isn’t to say I’m not open to criticism and suggestions. I am (if you have any, go ahead and email [email protected]). But undermining my hard work and refusing to speak to me because I am part of the media is more than absurd. 

Reporters from the Dixie Sun News have been unable to obtain interviews because of the reputation of fake news. And, at the Dixie Sun News, reporters are required to obtain at least three in-person interviews per article. Since the surfacing of fake news, this has become increasingly difficult. 

“So, I have a simple request: talk to us. Be honest with us. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Trust us.”

Abby Doman, Dixie sun news editor-in-chief

Sources are hard to contact, difficult to schedule with, and hesitant to speak to us.

President Donald Trump’s remarks calling the media the “enemy of the people,” “crazed,” dishonest,” and “deranged,” are not making these human connections any easier; however, while these are incredibly harmful, your reaction is just as important. 

By refusing to speak to the media, you are fostering a story that has less insight, fewer angles and less personal touch; therefore, in order for journalism to maintain its integrity in America – and on your campus – people have to be willing to speak to journalists. 

Here at the Dixie Sun News, our reporters are held to high standards for journalistic integrity (as with most news agencies).

So, I have a simple request: talk to us. Be honest with us. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Trust us.

We are passionate students dedicated to the truth. That’s it. If you have a problem with that, you might need to reevaluate the effect the fake news phenomenon has had on you.