Booth Wellness Center expands space, welcomes students

The Booth Wellness Center undergoing its expansion over the 2019 winter break. This expansion plans to increase the number of appointments by 50%, Dr. Craig Booth said. Photo by Abby Doman.

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The Booth Wellness Center is starting the new semester with increased space, schedule openings and new programs.

After an undisclosed amount of money donated by Craig Booth and Dixie State University, the Booth Wellness Center expanded its space previously used for storage with a group therapy room, three practicum offices and a marriage and family therapy room.

Booth said this new space will be able to accommodate a 50% increase in mental health appointments.

“We have always been short of space on the mental health side,” Booth said. “This should take care of us for quite a while.”

Tasha McNamee, DSU Health and Counseling Center Support Specialist & Office Manager, said this expansion should also shave down the amount of time students have to wait for an appointment with the Booth Wellness Center. Before the expansion, McNamee said the Booth Wellness Center had gotten to scheduling appointments 3 ½ weeks out.

McNamee also said if students do not want to wait the time it takes to get in for an appointment, they could visit the wellness workshops, which – in light of the expansion – the Booth Wellness center will be able to host in its own space. These workshops are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Kade Combe, a freshman criminal justice major from Ogden, said he thinks the expansions are a good idea and will help the student population.

The offices in this space will be filled by intern therapists as well as practicum students from the new masters of marriage and family therapy at DSU. McNamee said the expansion gives these students, as well as the license of marriage and family therapy program, a place to practice and hone their skills.

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Combe said having students practice could potentially make going to the Booth Wellness Center less comforting, but that allowing master students practice was a smart idea.

McNamee said in the future, the Booth Wellness Center will need to focus on hiring professionals rather than increasing its space; however, the money is currently not in its budget.

“As far as therapy goes, we are at a good capacity for now,” McNamee said. “This has already given us room for growth, and this growth now needs to come from providers being here.”

The expansion began the beginning of November and is now available for student use.

“This has already given us room for growth, and this growth now needs to come from providers being here.”

 Tasha McNamee, DSU Health and Counseling Center Support Specialist & Office Manager.

McNamee said she hopes students utilize this space and are not ashamed to receive help with their mental health.

“Therapy is taking someone from good to better, and better to best,” McNamee said. “Let the stigma leave and let yourself become more of who you want to become.”

Combe agreed; he said he believes that having access to resources such as the Booth Wellness Center and the Disability Resource Center help those with mental health issues be able to succeed in the academic field.

  “The stigma around [mental health] is sort of that people with mental issues are perceived of not belonging in school, “Combe said. “With all the resources I have seen here, with the [Booth] Wellness Center that can help people cope with those with certain issues… it really shows people that people with these issues can and do succeed.”

You can learn more about the Booth Wellness Center at wellness.dixie.edu. To schedule an appointment, call 435-652-7755.