Editorial: This is what free student press looks like

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Imagine a world without a free student press. No one would know or care when tenured professors are fired, students wouldn’t know about all the resources available to them and voices across the university would go unheard.


We, the student journalists of Dixie Sun News, are dedicated journalists in training who cover all the news relevant to our university, whether it be good news or bad.

Though we are only students, we are trained as real journalists and treat our stories accordingly. We are a working news organization, which means that our first responisbility is to our audience and bringing them the truest, most up-to-date news possible.

Dixie Sun News provides a very inexpensive form of media that is meant to inform those at Dixie State University through broadcast, online, print and radio. We cover important topics such as policy changes, upcoming events, club news, crime and anything regarding DSU.

The first amendment and student press freedom allow for writing articles that might criticize those in power. This is the reason behind and the epitome of a working democracy and a safe educational environment.

Though we are only students, we are trained as real journalists and treat our stories accordingly.

DSN Staff

Freedom of the press allows for individuals to take up the mantel for social justice if they so choose and keep the public informed of the injustices or discrepancies in our democracy.

We have won national competitions in the past for categories including video, newspaper and broadcast. As a campus organization, we can provide an opportunity for our journalists to compete each year with other schools and also put into practice career skills. The Dixie Sun News staff lives “active learning, active life” every single week during the semester.

We have no interest in being biased or doing more than our job, which is simply to keep our institution in check and our demographic informed. This is why we take great pride in the work we do.

Student Press Freedom Day is an essential day to recognize your student press. We work tirelessly each semester to bring you news that is relevant, up to date and student-centered, and we will continue to do so for as long as we exist. That’s our promise.

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