OPINION: Human Performance Center needs to work on inclusivity

People of all body types should be able to use the Human Performance Center, not just those who are already fit.

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The Human Performance Center could be more inclusive for those who have special needs and disabilities.

The HPC is currently having technical problems all over the building, one being with the elevator.

The first time I went into the HPC, I was trying to get to the roof top and I ended up on the wrong side of the building, no where near the top. I had to take the stairs all the way up and the run up a steep ramp to make it to the top.

While physically I was able to get to the top after all the hassle, there are students who aren’t able to get there without the help of an elevator.

The elevator might not function properly when it’s supposed to and the management team at the HPC should look into fixing the elevators so students can have an easy way to access the floors without having to climb a flight of stairs or walk up a very steep ramp.

The elevator isn’t the only thing that can seem intimidating to students, especially those who don’t have any experience using exercise equipment.

While the building strides to be an inclusive space for students, not everyone is comfortable with exercising in public. Especially when they have no experience using machines.

I’ve never been one to workout at the gym because walking up to one of those machines is intimidating for me. Knowing there are people who are willing to help you better yourself is calming especially when you are a beginner.

I’ve also had some classes in that building that were canceled because the lights weren’t working or the professor just wasn’t able to get into the classroom because the key card was not working.

The building was rushed into opening instead of taking their time to make sure all technical problems were function properly before opening it up to students, faculty and staff.

There is also an Olympic size pool that is open for students to use without actually being on the swim team. Personally, going to a public swimming pool isn’t my favorite thing to do, the HPC does have that option for those who enjoy it. The HPC also offers food options so students don’t have to go far for a snack.

If athletics isn’t your thing, there is always a beautiful view up on the top of the building for you to enjoy.

The building does have some technical problems, but with some improvements, students can find a home away from home all in one building.