OPINION: Don’t worry be happy: the positives during COVID.

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Although it can be hard to see at times, there are a lot of silver linings to this whole quarantine business.

When COVID-19 first started to get news coverage, it didn’t worry me. It wasn’t until school was moved online that it really set in. The first week was rough; I felt lost and empty. It has been hard for everyone and the negativity in the media surely hasn’t helped either.

Up until last week, I just wanted to sit, play video games and let my days slip away, but I realized that I’m missing out on opportunities. Opportunities to better myself, learn new skills, reconnect with old friends and much more.

Throughout quarantine, it is ideal to try new things and maintain creativity, Ben Swallow says. Sometimes, learning new simple things can help pass time and keep motivation. Time-lapse by Breanna Biorato.

Dean of Students Del Beatty, provided a slide set about keeping your sanity during quarantine for my story last week that said, “What characteristics are you developing during this time that will serve you in your future life?”

It’s important to think about life after quarantine and how I want to feel after spending all this time home. I don’t want to look back and see that I haven’t accomplished anything.

With all the negativity in the media, there are also a lot of positives. I have seen some of the most creative user-generated content that I have seen in a long time. I think this has sparked almost everyone to create whether that be art, music, comedy, etc.

I read a book for the first time in years and have been able to practice guitar a lot more than usual. Things I normally don’t make time for are a lot easier to accomplish right now. 

Along with the increased creativity, people are connecting more with their family members because they are either home with them or missing them from far away. 

COVID-19 has made me appreciate life and be more grateful for what I have and I hope everyone is able to recognize that. I try to remember that everyone is going through the same thing, if not worse and I need to stay positive and help as much as I can.

I work in a grocery store and being able to serve and help people for a living has helped me feel of worth during this time. Practicing service and helping neighbors or anyone can make a big impact.

It’s too easy to get down and just sit in bed all day, but doing something productive with my time has helped me stay more positive.

Keeping a routine and schedule, getting outside and helping others has made the biggest difference in my life since quarantine has started.