OPINION | School is bizarre now, we will get through it

Amber Simpson, a freshman exercise science major from Charles Town, West Virginia, attends class via Zoom throughout the semester. Hybrid learning has become the new normal, and many students are starting to accept the transition. Photo by Misha Mosiichuk.

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Saying school has been weird thus far would be an understatement.

A flash flood occurred the night before school started, people are divided over whether to keep the name “Dixie,” and the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our learning environment.


Because of the pandemic, events have been altered or canceled, larger classes require half their students to use Zoom and other classes have moved entirely online.

My first week, Zoom was glitchy, there was a day when the Trailblazer Wi-Fi didn’t work, and I struggled to remember to keep my mask on a few times. I also finally have a class with my friend but can’t sit with her because I wasn’t able to save her a seat, and we’re required to sit in the same spots all semester for contact tracing.

But all things considered, it wasn’t that bad.

People in my classes adapted and found another way to communicate while we waited for Zoom to be fixed, the Trailblazer Wi-Fi eventually came back online, and wearing a mask is becoming second nature. Also, my friend and I have been talking to each other from across the room since ninth grade, so our distanced seating isn’t really impeding us.

Everyone is struggling with the new learning environment the pandemic has created, but we’re struggling together and finding ways to push through it.

Professors have been very understanding in regard to technical issues and other sources of confusion stemming from the shift in our learning environment. One of my professors didn’t even say anything about me showing up to a Zoom lecture half an hour late on the first day of class; he just adjusted the roll to show I was there.

“Like all of us, educators are on a steep learning curve when it comes to adapting to life during COVID-19,” states a HundrED article by Vanessa Wilkins and Emily Corrigan. “This is a marathon, not a sprint. We all need to remember to take care of ourselves along the way.”

“This is a marathon, not a sprint. We all need to remember to take care of ourselves along the way.”

HundrED writers Vanessa Wilkins and Emily Corrigan

The best way to deal with the current situation is to take things as they come and find ways to destress yourself. Previous Dixie Sun News articles have suggested things such as meditation, outdoor activities and spending time with pets. Whatever works for you, do it.

Our current circumstances aren’t changing any time soon, so coping and adjusting to the new normal is our best option.

According to an article in The Star, “As long as the world has not found a cure or a vaccine for Covid-19, we may have to adjust to a ‘new normal,’ meaning a new way of living and going about our lives, work and interactions with other people.”

So yeah, school is weird and requires a serious adjustment, and I can sympathize if you’re struggling, but we will adjust. Just give it time and be patient with your professors and fellow students. Not to be cheesy, but we’re all in this together.