Black History Month to be celebrated at DSU

Students and athletes gathered for the “We are One” march on Sept. 25 showing their support of Black Lives Matter and human trafficking. Dixie State University’s Black Student Union is collaborating with other campus organizations to celebrate Black History Month all throughout February. Photo by Breanna Biorato.

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Students and staff in the Black Student Union planned February’s Black History Month events at Dixie State University to promote the importance of the month and learning another culture.

Brione Lockett, African American and Black student coordinator, said the national theme for this year is “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.”

Lockett, who is also the adviser of BSU, said, “I specifically structured the events we have planned to fit this year’s theme and to also represent how interwoven and diverse the DSU community — much like a family — has become.”

Two Black History Month events are planned for each week of February to fit the budget given to Lockett, he said. Most of the activities will be occurring virtually since large gatherings are still not permitted on campus, but two small events will be held in person.

“There’s been a lot of conversation going around with people asking, ‘When is Black History Month?’ and I was a little taken back,” Lockett said. “I’ve always known when Black History Month was, ever since I was born, but these activities we have planned are a start. This is our opportunity to teach.”

Festivities on campus start Feb. 1 with a campus conversation event revolving around the question, “What does Black History Month mean to you?” This event will be in collaboration with International Student Services, which fights the stereotype that Black History Month is only recognized in the U.S.

“Hate it or not, we got here somehow and the slave trade reached so many other parts of the world besides America,” Lockett said. “There are people of color on every continent, minus Antarctica of course, but this is a conversation all people can have.”

On Feb. 4, guest speaker Marguerite Mariama, an artist, activist, educator, noted speaker and consultant on issues related to the arts and personal and collective transformation, will speak to DSU students, staff and community members through Zoom.

More events include:

  • Feb. 11: “Black Men, White Coats” Documentary/Discussion (Virtual)
  • Feb. 11: Poetry Slam celebrating Black culture (In Person)
  • Feb. 16: Black History Month Trivia Night (Virtual)
  • Feb. 18: Pizza and Playlist (In Person)
  • Feb. 23: Part two of the Campus Conversation exploring what Black History Month means to individuals on campus (Virtual)

Each of the events listed above is in collaboration with other DSU groups on campus such as the Institute of Politics, the Dixie Sun News, and the Multicultural Inclusion Center.

BSU Treasurer Nia Malone, a sophomore criminal justice major from Oceanside, California, said: “This is so exciting because we never really did much for Black History Month last year. We’re so glad to be collabing with different groups around campus and to have Dr. Lockett here beside us planning everything out with us.”

BSU Vice President Nahjae Malone, a sophomore general studies major from Oceanside, California, said she hopes DSU students will want to attend the Black History Month events so they can learn more about Black culture.

“It always makes me feel more comfortable to talk to people who know a little bit or want to learn more about my background and culture,” Nahjae Malone said. “It was rough at the beginning to plan these events, but once we see other students come and participate, it’ll be smooth sailing and worth it.”