OPINION | Makeup shouldn’t be requirement for professional women

Four Dixie State University women decide against wearing makeup underneath their masks. Bailey Chism says women should not feel pressured to wear makeup to look more professional. Photos by Bailey Chism.

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The notion that women need to wear makeup in order to look put-together is misogynistic and sexist. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more women have begun to stop wearing makeup under the mask, and that needs to follow us into the future.

As we move into more professional settings and job opportunities arise, the idea stands out that we think we need to wear makeup.

I worked at a local restaurant as a hostess, and during my interview, they told me they would be hiring me for my appearance. Of course I would need to look professional, but makeup isn’t the only answer to that. As women, we should put on makeup only because we want to, not because we feel pressured to.

A Lifestyle article on going makeup-free with masks said women feel a sense of freedom as we begin to realize we don’t need to wear makeup underneath our masks.

More women are feeling comfortable with the new lifestyle. When we don’t have to worry about waking up early and feeling the pressure of having to put a full face of makeup on, it brings a sense of comfort and ease to our day. It shouldn’t take a pandemic to bring that kind of comfort to women’s lives.

The more we have to wear masks every day, the more women are beginning to leave makeup out of our daily routine. Masks plus makeup means breakouts, sweating it off and general annoyance.

Women are beginning to think it’s not worth it. Female students on campus I’ve spoken to have shared their annoyance. They have turned to only putting makeup on half of their face, just their eyes or not at all because it makes it easier and more comfortable for them to go about their day.

Wearing makeup underneath masks can actually affect how safe that mask keeps you. Doctors are beginning to tell people not to wear makeup underneath their masks because getting foundation, lipstick or even sunscreen on the fabric can alter the air filtration and decrease the effectiveness of the mask.

We do not need to feel like we have to wear makeup to be heard. The thought that’s been instilled in our heads since we were little is that we need to wear makeup in order to look professional enough to accomplish anything.

Women all over the world wear makeup because we feel like it makes us prettier. We wear it because we like the way it makes us feel. That should be the only reason women put makeup on, not because we feel forced to.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and possibly begins to get better, women shouldn’t feel pressured by the world to put makeup on to look more professional or put-together. We can do that without makeup.