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OPINION | St. George doesn’t have enough affordable housing for the people

The amount of students that have been homeless due to St. George and Dixie State University’s lack of housing is unacceptable.  Utah’s annual report on homelessness for 2021 released by the Utah Department of Workforce Services gives a general breakdown on homelessness in the state compared to four years ago.  The average time an individual […]

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The history and heritage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is thousands of years old and has helped shape the history of the U.S. It was officially named Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2009 after being called Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. The month honors immigrants, and it helps us learn about diversity […]

Summer 2022: A time for rest, rejuvenation

The semester is coming to an end, and it’s time to think about how you want to spend the summer.  St. George is a great place for outdoor activities as long as you can handle the heat. There are tons of gorgeous hikes and Zion National Park is just an hour away. While most students […]

DSU police teach women in the S.A.F.E. class

We never think something bad will happen until it does. It’s normally something we see in movies, not in real life, right?  The harsh reality is those things do happen in real life. Women can be assaulted because they happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Our parents warned us of […]

Choosing your major comes at your own pace

From the time we’re little, we’re always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You might want to grow up to be an astronaut, the president, maybe a chef, but then you start high school and the questions get more serious. Every year, you are asked the same questions, but you […]

OPINION | Summer classes are just as important as fall and spring classes

As graduating high school students, we all wondered if we’d be able to graduate college early. The answer to that question: absolutely. Taking summer courses will be easier to manage graduation and allow fall and spring semester to be less stressful.  I’m currently in my sophomore year of college. I am lucky to graduate as […]

The dangers of overdosing

We never think it’s possible for something bad to happen to us until it does. Addiction is a disease, a scary one at that, and we can never be sure who around us is a victim to it.  Drug use can lead to many terrifying possibilities with overdosing being high on that list. We all […]

DSU students eligible for free food through ‘Come and Get it’ program

Dixie State University introduced a new program for students in which they can sign up to receive leftover food from campus events.  This program is used in universities across the country, and has been successful in many. It cuts down on food waste and goes directly to students. “We are hopeful that this program will […]

Increased gas prices bring more stress into students’ lives

As gas prices steadily rise, students may begin to struggle to make ends meet.  Gas prices have been on a rollercoaster ride since 2020. Most college students are working on top of going to class in order to live comfortably. While still working, most students only have a part-time job in order to focus on […]

OPINION | Trauma talk has become too casual on social media

People are beginning to casually talk about the “trauma” in their lives on social media in a way they shouldn’t.  #TraumaTok, a TikTok hashtag with over 615 million views, allows creators to recount traumatic experiences in their lives to their followers using something called “casual therapy speak.” Creators on TikTok post content that allows their […]