Fun, helpful on-campus resources available to students

The climbing wall at the Human Performance center is a fan favorite on campus. Sun News Daily | Carlie Gillis

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As classes kick into full gear, students might be searching for fun and helpful things to do on-campus.

Other than the weekly athletic events, and the Wednesday events hosted by the Utah Tech University Student Association, there are plenty of things to do on campus. 

The Writing Center

Utah Tech provides resources that help assist students in feeling comfortable and successful.  

Peer Coach Ashley Critchlow, a senior psychology major from Salt Lake City, said, “I am the biggest advocate for the writing center. I utilize them every time I have a paper because they’re so helpful there.”

The writing center, located on the fourth floor of the Holland Centennial Commons, helps students brainstorm, create outlines, edit and improve papers. Appointments can be scheduled through Navigate.

“One time I had no idea how to start this paper so the Writing Center helped me do an outline,” Critchlow said. “They can also do a bunch of things like proofread it, and the nice thing about them is that they write a note to your professor about what they helped you with.”

Tutoring centers

Other academic resources are the math tutoring center, located in the basement of the Snow Math and Science Building, and the Student Support Services tutoring center, located on the second floor of the Browning Learning Resource Center. 

TRiO tutor Lailani Haro, a junior math education major from Littlefield, Arizona, said: “I work at the Math Tutoring Center too, and I think that’s a really good place. You don’t need to specifically be there for tutoring. You can just do your homework there and once you realize you do need help, you can just get someone’s attention.”

Other Resources

Along with all the other helpful resources on campus including the Booth Wellness Center, the Center for Inclusion and Belonging, and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center, there are many fun things to do on-campus. 


Utah Tech Ambassador Carson Palmer, a senior mechanical engineering major from Stansbury Park, said, “I would definitely recommend getting involved with some sort of club just to be able to make friends. I think it’s a really good way to get involved and meet new people.”

Utah Tech offers over 60 clubs that cater to the interests and needs of all students. 

“I know that we have a gardening club, so if you like gardening, that’s awesome, or last year the spikeball club was pretty popular,” Critchlow said. 

Other popular clubs on campus include the hot commodities club, healthy trailblazers coalition and the astronomy club. 

Intramural Sports

Those looking for more active things to do on campus have many options as well. 

Whether students are looking to be more competitive or just have fun, intramural sports are available. With sports like flag football and sand volleyball opening the fall semester, students can make teams, pay for participation, and see available options for sports on the campus recreation website.

Traci Collins, the assistant director of campus recreation, said, “I suggest intramurals. They are fun because you get to be outside a little bit while things cool down and you get to meet a lot of people.” 

The Human Performance Center

The Human Performance Center can also draw in those looking for more active things to do. The building features two fitness centers, an olympic sized swimming pool, indoor basketball courts, a climbing wall, and a track.

Trailblazers Activities Team

With UTSA putting on bigger events that draw hundreds of students in, a new program called the Trailblazers Activities team puts on smaller events specifically for students who reside on campus. They host Trailblazer Thursdays right outside the dorms. One of the upcoming activities is teaching students how to prepare freezer meals. 

Terryn Mitchell, a student engagement coordinator for the Trailblazers Activities team, said “This is our students’ home and we want them to feel comfortable here. If we promote that campus culture and really have activities for them to engage in, it will help them mentally, physically and emotionally.”

With all the resources available, and events hosted on campus, it’s up to students to decide what they will do while on campus. 

“I’d say college is what you make it, so get involved whether that’s by just going to events or getting the help you need,” said Palmer. “Put yourself out there and make new friends because it will be a lot more enjoyable if you do.”