Utah Tech women’s golf Eastern Washington invitational recap

Abby Livingston, a senior population health major from Novi, Michigan, finished out the eastern Washington invitational making this her third career top ten finish. Photo Courtesy of Utah Tech University athletics.

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Utah Tech University’s women’s golf team recently got back from competing in the Eastern Washington Eagle Invitational in Spokane, Washington. 

The team placed fourth overall at the invitational. This was their highest placing they have received at an invitational.

Abby Livingston, a senior population health major from Novi, Michigan, finished out the tournament making this her third career top ten finish. Livingston said no one ever gives up on this team and its something she loves about the girls she’s surrounded with. This tournament made her more motivated to want to win. 

“Instead of the top 10 I want to be number one,” Livingston said. 

Head Coach Lindsey Stucki said fourth place was the team’s best finish since moving to Division I. The coaches see constant progress as the team bonds and plays together each time. The women’s golf head coach stated that she wants a good reputation of themselves as they head to more invitations representing Utah Tech University.

“We hope to continue to compete and make a name for ourselves,” said Stucki.

Stucki talked about improvements to be made at future invitationals along with some specifics. She thinks women’s golf can work on after looking over the scores and stats from the invitational. As they keep improving they want to fix their mistakes and head into their next invitation better than they left the last one.

“We let some shots go with our short game,” Stucki said. “We want to work on our putting and hit that hard.”

Improving on these techniques can help the golf teams stats and scores next time and hopefully lead them into number one. Overall Stucki said the team played well at the Eastern Eagle invitational. 

Brooke Gelinas, a freshman population health major from Bonnielake, Washington, said, “We are just getting started and learning how to work together.” 

Gelinas said there are lots of new and young players this year. Gelinas talked about the team’s growth they gain each time they play together. This team works hard together and it shows when they play.

“This last week I was focusing on technical elements of my swing,” Gelinas said.

This course the women’s golf team played this past week was a familiar one to Gelinas. She was in her home state, Washington, and said it was fun to play on a familiar course with her team. 

The women’s golf team gained a lot of growth from this invitation and is excited to make improvements for their next invitational in Boulder City, Nevada, Oct. 23.