OPINION | Every college major has an essential place in our ‘Divergent’ world

It’s hard to choose a major when people look down on certain ones. There are many to choose from, and they each have their own importance. Elissa Aguayo | Sun News Daily

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In order for the world to function, different types of minds have to work together.

The same can be said about college majors. In order for the world to function, different types of majors have to work together to make up everything that makes this world our home.

Some colleges are known for certain majors due to enrollment popularity, while others are known for having unique majors. 

Offering over 200 degrees, minors, certificates and programs, Utah Tech University is known for many of its technical majors, and this is just one school. There are about 2,000 other majors offered worldwide.

Because of all the majors out there, opinions have been formed about the popularity and importance of certain majors over others. As a result, a recent TikTok trend shows people asking students what they think the “dumbest” or “worst” major is. 

Taking away the money aspect along with opportunities given after graduation, all majors are essential in making our world function. 

In the movie “Divergent” starring Shailene Woodly, Theo James and Miles Teller, there are five factions that make up the government in their utopian society: Erudite, Abnegation, Dauntless, Candor and Amity.

Within the factions, each branch symbolizes different virtues and as a result, the jobs in each of the factions resemble its teaching. For example, Erudite values learning and makes up the technical careers. Abnegation values selflessness and pursues service careers. Dauntless values courage and occupies positions of protecting the city. Candor values honesty and are titled as the lawmakers and law enforcers. Lastly, Amity values peace and are the city’s farmers and nature lovers.  

Each faction was essential in making up the government, and although the faction system was flawed, it made society run smoother because everyone had a job that catered to their personalities. 

Comparing the factions to college degrees, each encompasses a wide range of majors. Erudite includes technology innovation, engineering, mathematics and sciences. Abnegation includes communications, nursing, elementary education and psychology. Dauntless includes any major that may aid one in joining the first responders, military and construction. Candor includes accounting, criminal justice, history and management. Amity includes arts, languages, dance and theatre.   

If we completely eliminated one of these majors, or underestimated its importance, a whole part of how the world functions would be taken away. 

For example, in many of the TikTok videos making fun of certain majors, a commonly answered “dumb” major was communications. Although this major may seem easy and unnecessary to some, imagine removing this major from existence, getting rid of any teachings and principles behind effective communication. Now we have a world that lacks good communication skills needed to maintain peace and order in society. No more human resource departments, news organization or politics. Undermining communications as a whole results in lack of appreciation for self-expression. Not to mention, many other majors require good communication skills for success in the long run. 

Recreation and sports management, another under-appreciated major, plays a big role in society, yet no one understands what would happen if we didn’t have it. Specifically in St. George, there are many aspects of the community that make it appealing to its residents. For example, parks, attractions, events, and sports teams draw in the community, but they would not exist or be successful without recreation and sports management. 

Those are just two majors. Now imagine a world without engineering. A world without fine arts. A world without science. How would we function without any one of these?

Bringing in money and opportunities each major entails is a different story, but understanding each major’s importance and impact on this world makes each and every one of them necessary. 

Every major is equally essential, so the next time someone asks you what you think the “worst” major is, remember the impact each major has on our world and where we would be without it.