OPINION | DOCUTAH deserves your support

DOCUTAH welcomes films from all over the world, and there is sure to be something for everyone. Elissa Aguayo | Sun News Daily

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St. George has an incredible community with a unique and beautiful landscape as its setting. Because of this, the city is lucky enough to host incredible events, one of these events being DOCUTAH.

DOCUTAH is an annual, international documentary film festival brought to life by Utah Tech University and various other supporters. Some of the most impressive directors from all over the globe bring their incredible ability to tell engaging stories to St. George.

There are numerous, obvious benefits to this festival being held in southern Utah. It brings a boost to the communities economy and helps our image and city grow on a global scale. While this is, of course, a positive impact that would warrant the event on its own, this is just the start of what this festival can do for a student or community member on an individual level.

There are few forms of art as easy to connect with as a documentary. It’s a person using their skills to tell another person’s story with the purpose of being viewed and directed by more people. Every step of the process is centered around a human connection. As consumers, it’s important that we not only go and support these people but also let ourselves possibly connect with the piece of work.

These filmmakers and their subjects are inspiring. To see two parties vulnerable enough to put themselves and their passions out into the world for all to critique is admirable.

Seeing others’ passions is what pushes us as a whole to be better. When people are willing to let their guard down is when true inspiration and growth is birthed. This isn’t just limited to those in the creative world. A custodian, aspiring filmmaker or hell… even an accountant can find a story that speaks to them. I can personally attest that even a still-growing festival like DOCUTAH will have something that you connect with.

While this year’s festival may have already passed, I would still encourage you to take time to watch some of the amazing films featured. “Live Till I Die” and “A Crack In the Mountain and Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters” stood out for me. There are plenty of other feature and short films shown that deserve your attention

Do yourself a favor and attend the next DOCUTAH. The hard work to put this festival on deserves your attention, these stories deserve your attention, and you deserve the opportunity to broaden your horizon and consume something real and inspiring.