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OPINION | Despite conspiracy theories, the Moon landing was real

While I wholeheartedly believe in our ability in space travel today, there is solid evidence and strong factors that make the first moon landing a little fishy.  My main cause for speculation is the time period it happened.  Red Scare The first man-made spacecraft to reach the moon was made by the Soviets in 1959. […]

Chadwick Boseman’s legacy is preserved in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Following up on a film as critically, commercially and culturally successful as “Black Panther” was already an incredibly tall task for everyone involved. This was only made more difficult with the tragic passing of lead actor Chadwick Boseman. Ryan Coogler and his cast and crew somehow, almost, perfectly pulled off the balance of a captivating […]

A deep dive into ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’

There are few films as unique as “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.”  It has a bombastic and unrelenting comedic tone making for a memorable and, at times, hilarious viewing experience. The silliness of the movie makes it memorable but this is also its downfall.  Positives  Daniel Radcliffe is spectacular in this movie. He brings an […]

OPINION | DOCUTAH deserves your support

St. George has an incredible community with a unique and beautiful landscape as its setting. Because of this, the city is lucky enough to host incredible events, one of these events being DOCUTAH. DOCUTAH is an annual, international documentary film festival brought to life by Utah Tech University and various other supporters. Some of the […]

OPINION | Stop being mean to your kids, give them a normal name

Exton Elias, Egypt Daoud Dean, Bronx Mowgli, Sno FilmOn Dot Com. Now you may be asking, “what the hell did I just read?” Well my friend, what you just read was just a short sample taste of what is a banquet of ridiculous names of celebrities’ children.  It’s no secret celebrities have a strange tendency […]

Utah Tech basketball teams work on chemistry, prepare for upcoming season

Utah Tech University’s men’s and women’s basketball teams have officially tipped-off fall practices. With an entire Division I season under their belts, both teams have high expectations for continued growth and success.  Women’s Basketball With four seniors, the team is full of returning experienced players. One of these players being Breaunna Gillen, a senior exercise […]

OPINION | Donald Glover, an all-time talent

Donald Glover is a creative force that hasn’t been seen in years, maybe even ever.  It’s difficult to have the ability to turn your creativity into a source of monetary gain. Those who feel they have the talent and creativity to pursue a career in this avenue dedicate their whole life to their craft. It […]

Remembering the 43 exhibit is back at Utah Tech

As part of Latino Heritage month this year, the Remember the 43 exhibit features a presentation that gave insight into an ongoing investigation.  Presentation On Sept. 26, 2014, over 100 armed men, soldiers and police officers ambushed a bus of students attending the Rural Teachers College. Six were killed, 40 were injured and 43 were […]

Coming soon to the App Store, all things Utah Tech

An all-encompassing Utah Tech University centric app on the way.  When asked about the purpose and benefits this app will provide, Student Body President Devon Rice said, “Me and my team, we want an app that encompasses everything we do on campus.”  Rice said that he hopes the app will be able to answer all […]