OPINION | Single or taken, celebrate love on Valentine’s Day

A couple romantically kissing behind a heart shaped balloon. Annie Muirbrook | Sun News Daily

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Valentine’s Day is often associated with heart-shaped flowers and roses, but to most people, it can be a hard holiday to celebrate. Having the constant reminder of people in love and heart-shaped gifts is hard to look at after a breakup and not having a significant partner.

Lately, people who have been celebrating Valentine’s Day have been leaning toward celebrating being single and creating a day for self-love, which I like. Not everyone has a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, and it is time to change the way we celebrate Valentine’s Day now and in the future.

Being alone shouldn’t be an option when the holiday is intended to celebrate with the people you love.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romantic relationships. It should be about celebrating all the relationships we have with each other.

Celebrate with a significant other

As a society, we should celebrate Valentine’s Day as a celebration of the relationships we have built over time. Making friends in college can be hard, and celebrating the relationships we have made while being at Utah Tech should be celebrated. Both platonic and romantic relationships need to be celebrated. Celebrating the romantic relationships we have with someone should be just as important as celebrating the old and new friendships we have.

I’m not saying people in a romantic relationship shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. That tradition should still be celebrated because it’s important to celebrate each other, but we need to make this holiday more versatile for people who do not have a romantic partner or are still getting over one.

Celebrate friendships

One core memory I have of elementary school is passing out candy valentines to my classmates. I would always get excited because giving out gifts to my friends always made me feel good inside.

Giving out the valentines as a little kid wasn’t romantic. It was a way to show appreciation for friendships. Learning this principle of celebrating all kinds of relationships as little kids should be remembered as adults.

Giving out cheesy candies and cringey cards is something adults should still be doing with their friends just like some people did as kids. Giving these gifts always lifts people up in hard times. Giving out candies and cards can give a new meaning to Valentine’s Day and rethink the way some people view the holiday.

We should bring back the tradition of celebrating friendships and all types of love on Valentine’s Day.

One classic celebration girls tend to follow is Galentine’s Day. Coined by the classic show, “Parks and Recreation,” it is a holiday to celebrate with friends and have a girl’s night.

Even though the show iconically celebrates Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13, it is safe to say Galentine’s Day can be celebrated on Valentine’s Day. Getting the girls or guys together to have a fun night is the best way to celebrate when single.

Celebrate yourself

Treating yourself to snacks and games is always the perfect thing to do with a group of friends. Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean celebrating with a candlelight dinner. It can be doing activities with friends that make you happy.

Loving others should start with one simple thing: loving yourself. You can’t love other things without loving yourself first. Instead of hating this holiday, which most people dread, an alternate way to celebrate is to think about why we love what we love. Take the time to think about why we love others and why we love ourselves.

Self-care is the best way to take care of your body. Taking care of your body helps relieve stress, prevent sickness and improve mental health.

Valentine’s Day should be the day for self-care. Grabbing some facemasks and nail polish, and watching the ultimate romantic comedies are the most classic Valentine’s Day traditions.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with self-care doesn’t have to be sappy. Even going to the gym or grabbing food counts as self-care.

Celebrating others should be just as important as celebrating yourself.

Taking the time to call the ones you love or hang out with old friends is a part of Valentine’s Day. Remembering the good times you have had with others and talking with people who may have become distant is a part of Valentine’s Day. Think of the people in your life you are grateful for, and that you love should be a part of celebrating the holiday.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and you tend to cringe at the red hearts and roses, remember it is OK to not have a romantic partner this year. If you do have one, you can still celebrate all relationships on Valentine’s Day.