SPORTS OPINION | Super Bowl ads, halftime show are the real MVPs

There’s nothing quite like the annual Super Bowl Sunday, but are you watching for the football or the halftime show? Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

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The main reason people watch the Super Bowl is, undeniably, for the pump-up halftime show and eye-catching commercials. 

I have watched the Super Bowl every year since I was born. Most years, I was at my grandma’s house where she threw a giant party. Personally I never enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. Rather, I enjoy every aspect of the Super Bowl besides the actual sports game going on.

Halftime show

I’ve always had a love for music and have grown to love live music. Super Bowl halftime shows are no different. The most memorable Super Bowl performances of my lifetime include Lady Gaga, Prince, Katy Perry and Tom Petty, especially when Prince performed “Purple Rain” literally in the rain.

For the 2023 Super Bowl, the halftime performer is Rihanna. She is one of the most famous performers of Generation Z. I guarantee most millennials and Gen Zers will be watching the Super Bowl just to see Rihanna perform. With hits like “Umbrella,” “Diamonds” and “Stay,” it is a given that I will be watching her performance.

Even A-list celebrities watch the Super Bowl just for the halftime show. Actress Kate Hudson was one of the many celebrities at last year’s game. On her Instagram, she posted, “Been waiting for this moment since middle school!!!!” 

Kate Hudson’s Instagram post.

Music is a universal language; it has the power to reach viewers’ hearts and offer them peace amongst the chaos in their lives.

Not only is Rihanna performing at the halftime show, but country singer Chris Stapleton is performing “The National Anthem.”

While not everyone is a fan of country music, most people can agree Stapleton’s talent is undeniable. Stapleton’s Spotify records show around 200 million streams just for one song. Other songs have over 20 million streams.

Halftime shows have been around since the very first Super Bowl in 1967. As the halftime performers became individuals of higher popularity, the ratings and number of viewers increased. 


Then there’s the Super Bowl commercials. While this isn’t my favorite, nor least favorite aspect of the Super Bowl, it still remains a huge reason behind why people watch the game. 

From the celebrity appearances to the pop culture references, Super Bowl commercials are beloved among viewers. 

A study done showed 43% of viewers watch the big game just to see the commercials. Realistically, that’s almost half, which means there’s an immense amount of people who are watching the Super Bowl just for the satisfaction from commercials.

Commercials appeal to viewers in the way that they offer comedic relief from the intense game. For the few who watch the Super Bowl for the sports, they need a break. Commercials offer that relief from the stress of the game for a few minutes. 

For those who watch purely for the commercials themselves, not only are they funny, but they offer an entertainment value that is difficult to find when watching football. 

While most Super Bowl commercials are funny, some appeal to the hearts of viewers. Google released a commercial during the 2020 Super Bowl that featured a man who wanted to remember every detail about his wife who had passed away.

For those who don’t love watching football, including myself, the commercials themselves are more interesting to watch than the game. I honestly do not care who wins the game. I want to see what celebrities are featured in commercials, and I want to see which brands come up with the funniest commercials.

Iconic commercials and halftime shows that bring out all the stops, including flashing lights and extreme stages and performances, are the only reasons to watch the game. Therefore, the real MVPs of the Super Bowl are the outstanding halftime shows and commercials.