OPINION | The top 5 commercials to air during Super Bowl LVIII

The Dunkin’ Super Bowl LVIII commercial was star-studded, featuring Jennifer Lopez, Jack Harlow, ‘The DunKings’ Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady. The Super Bowl is known for its nationwide entertainment through clever and well-planned commercials, and this year was no different. Emily Vanmiddendorp | Sun News Daily

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Aside from the game and iconic halftime shows, the commercials are one of the most beloved parts of every year’s Super Bowl.

Companies pay millions for a slot in the most-watched broadcast of the year. Needless to say, these corporations bring their A-game to the stage, but some do it better than others. 

This year, I made note of the best commercials that aired during the Super Bowl–and no, it wasn’t that annoying Temu ad. From good to best, these are the top five ads that aired during Super Bowl LVIII.

5. “Born to Play”

At the start of my list, I’ve placed one of the NFL’s own ads, “Born to Play.” The athlete’s influence was huge and it was a tearjerker. 

The commercial begins with a young boy running through the culture-rich streets of Ghana and toward his hero, Osi Umenyiora. Not only did the NFL recruit 400 Ghanaian locals to act in the commercial, but it also mirrors Osi’s mission to spread the love of football to youth around the globe.

This commercial was uplifting, diverse and effective as it outlined the NFL’s commitment to creating a more inclusive league.

4. “Micheal CeraVe”

What do Micheal Cera and CeraVe have in common? You guessed it–four letters. And those four letters were just enough for the company to make an entire commercial that successfully promoted their brand while also channeling that awkward Micheal Cera energy. 

That sensual, passionate perfume-commercial imitation makes the ad stand out and gives the audience a good laugh. It even succeeded in letting the audience know that Cera did not create CeraVe–qualified dermatologists did.

This ad was successful because there is no way you can watch it without remembering the name of the brand. If you know Micheal Cera, you’ll never be able to walk by a CeraVe product again without thinking about this ad.

3. “Talkin’ Like Walken”

The best car ads are the ones that aren’t just about cars. It’s about the story.

Christopher Walken starred in BMW’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial, which jabbed at his iconic and unforgettable voice.

I loved this ad because I can imagine it actually being a problem that Walken runs into on a daily basis, and it has the stinge of iconicity that all good Super Bowl ads should have.

Usher’s surprise appearance at the end of the commercial referenced his performance as the halftime show headliner as Walken teases, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

There are no better people to have in commercials for the most iconic American sporting event than its most iconic celebrities. Any car that Walken would drive is a ride that I’d buy.

2. “Like a Good Neighbaaa”

Speaking of American icons, State Farm’s ad takes second place for featuring one of the most iconic duos in national history: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. The nation’s favorite twins took the stage as Agent State Farm and his sidekick delivered the famous line, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

But Schwarzenegger’s iconic Austrian accent gets in the way and it sounds a bit more like “Like a good neighbaaa.”

This ad gave the perfect twist on the classic insurance commercial, giving the audience a break from Jake from State Farm. This change is one perfectly suited for the Super Bowl–a throwback commercial premiered during America’s most timeless event.

1. “The DunKings”

And in first place, the DunKings take home the gold.

Dunkin Donuts is New England’s favorite coffee brand and a Bostonian staple. It stayed true to its roots for its 2024 Super Bowl commercial.

Starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, childhood best friends who grew up just outside of Boston, the commercial was everything that a perfect ad should be: authentic, memorable and hilarious. We even saw a star appearance from Tom Brady, Boston’s most celebrated athlete and arguably the greatest quarterback to come out of the NFL.

This commercial was perfectly executed. It was carried by a huge celebrity influence but stayed close to home by showcasing stars from Dunkin’s hometown. Even their outfits sported the iconic Red Sox logos and classic Bostonian bling. 

The celebs form a boy band, the DunKings, and embarrass themselves in front of Affleck’s real-life wife, Jennifer Lopez. They even throw in a “Good Will Hunting” reference, the movie that won Affleck and Damon an Oscar in 1998. 

Dunkin Donuts did everything right with this commercial. The joke was deep and incredibly thought out. They even released a DunKings menu to pair with the ad. Dunkin served more than just coffee and pastries with this ad–it served a slice of Boston’s rich culture and pride.

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl commercials were lacking in comparison to previous lineups. But these five ads stood apart and excelled in channeling our nation’s greatest accomplishments: football and good old American capitalism.