The Spring Employment Fair provided on-the-spot job opportunities for students

Students were welcomed by a variety of employers at Utah Tech’s Spring Employment Fair. Sydney Johnson | Sun News Daily

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When employers are looking for new talent to grow their business, events like the Spring Employment Fair at Utah Tech University are vital for finding workers with a fresh perspective and solid work ethic.

On Feb. 28, representatives of both small and large businesses alike filled the Gardner Student Center Ballroom on Utah Tech’s campus. The goal of the representatives was to search for potential employees of both permanent and seasonal variety.

Regardless of experience or pedigree, there were many job opportunities specifically for students at the fair.

Some businesses at the Spring Employment Fair were looking to hire on the spot if the potential employee met the requirements.

Tyler Price, a representative for Center for the Arts at Kayenta, said they need new workers, and they need it as fast as possible.

Price said: “We have an art installation coming up this weekend that needs production help fast. If you are willing to commit, we could have you working as soon as this weekend.”

Benjamin Soto, a branch manager at Chartway Credit Union, represented his employer at the employment fair. Soto said the fair is not just good for finding new employees but for spreading awareness of the business.

“Not only are we getting our name out there, but it’s word of mouth,” Soto said. “People are going to see Chartway and get to know me and the business and think: ‘he’s a good dude, and this is a great company.’”

Businesses at the fair were also looking for seasonal employees who were willing to travel for summer work like hiking guides for The Narrows at Zion National Park. On the other hand, companies like busybusy were looking for workers who would be willing to forego travel plans and stay in St. George, rather than moving after graduation.

Kyle Stokes, director of sales development at busybusy, said there is a higher probability of meeting people who could meet these requirements because of the Spring Employment Fair.

Stokes said, “St. George is interesting; there aren’t a whole lot of companies in St. George that offer students an opportunity to stay in St. George.”

Stokes said students usually leave St. George in order to find work that pays well, but they’re looking for employees who would be willing to start their careers in St. George with busybusy.

Despite how different each of the businesses were in attendance of the fair, the representatives sent to the fair saw the event as an opportunity to grow. Small or large, well known or obscure, each of these companies find value in events like the Spring Employment Fair.