A look at how student fees are used for the HPC

Rumors arise as students wonder how the student fees are being handled in the Human Performance Center. Annie Muirbrook | Sun News Daily

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Rumors about administrative affairs misusing student fees for the Human Performance Center has caused concern for students on campus.

A portion of student fees pay for the HPC on campus. This means a portion of the student fees that students pay goes to the operation, maintenance and paying off the building.

Student affairs should be handling the distribution and how the student funding towards the HPC is distributed and handled.

After the Truth in Tuition hearing held Mar. 8, statements and guides to where and how student fees are being distributed. The hearing gave a clear understanding of where fees are being distributed, with the HPC and athletics being discussed in the meeting.

The HPC is not fully funded by student fees, but student fees are still put into a portion of the cost of the building. From the most recent completed fiscal year, notes show $505,000 that goes into the HPC is from student fees. The total cost of the building was approximately $1.45 million dollars.

The HPC is a popular building for students on campus and handling where the money goes is important to keep the HPC in good care.

Alijah Caskinette, a senior history education major from South Jordan and Utah Tech Student Association chief of staff, said regarding the rumor, “It’s false; we discussed it during SFAB [student fee advisory board].”

After debunking this rumor, the conclusion has been made that the rumor is overall false.

One thing that was noticed by UTSA is that both Campus Recreation and HPC staff both have employees working at the same front desk.

Bryant Flake, executive director of planning and budget said, “The building management staff ensure that the facilities are functional and available for the academic and student programs housed within the building, as well as general use by students, faculty and staff.”

The advanced planning and budgeting of the HPC have a lot of factors into where every dollar of the budget goes.

Flake said, “Academic and student programs housed within the building have their own budgets and funding sources which are not under administrative affairs oversight.”

The student affairs and administrative affairs continue to work together on campus to bring proper funding to Utah Tech University.

The HPC is a relatively new building and is still overcoming problems that may arise. Both administrative affairs, student affairs and building management work together to ensure that students, faculty and staff have a great experience in the HPC.