How you can become the next Brooks the Bison

Utah Tech University is excited to have another student to be Brooks and hype up at the games and events in the future. Miki Akiyama | Sun News Daily

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Do you love Utah Tech University and want to become Brooks the Bison for the 2023-2024 school year? Well, you’re in luck because applications for this position are now open, and you can be the one to put on the face of the Trailblazer spirit.

Applicants must provide:

  • Verification of enrollment
  • Letter of recommendation
  • A video of you performing a skit, routine or dance video done by another mascot along with a link to the video referenced
  • A paragraph explaining why you want to be the 2023-2024 Brooks the Bison

Karlee Myers, student engagement coordinator, will invite applicants to a second round of private auditions after the initial application is reviewed.

Myers oversees every aspect of Brooks from rentals to suit cleanings to the audition process.

Myers said the best Brooks in the past are those who have fully immersed themselves in the character and truly embodied the spirit of what Brooks means to Utah Tech.

“I think a huge thing with being Brooks is that you can’t be afraid to be silly,” Myers said. “He is a silly guy who is interactive and always has a good time.”

In an interview with a translator and the 2022 Brooks, he said the best part of being the mascot was being able to interact with current, future and past Trailblazers.

Brooks was first introduced as Utah Tech’s mascot in 2016 after the trailblazer identity was coined specifically for Utah Tech. The mascot of Brooks is a bison because the majestic beasts were America’s original trailblazers of the land. The name Brooks is based on the original trailblazer Samuel Brooks who was the first student to attend what was then named St. George Stake Academy in 1911.

Now, Brooks attends a large majority of athletic events throughout the year where you can see him rocking jerseys, posing with students for photos in full stadiums and even performing with the Blaze dance team during halftimes in football and basketball games.

“He also attends all of the ribbon cuttings for new buildings on campus,” Myers said.

Aside from being active on campus, Brooks is also an active member of the St. George community. He attends special events like the Dixie Power Kite Festival and even has his own birthday party called “Brooks’ Block Party” during annual D-Week traditions. Teaching internet safety at many local elementary schools is also on his lengthy agenda of activities.

“He also went to the drag show as a judge this year and that was a new one he had not gone to before, but it was a really fun time and experience for him,” Myers said.

This position includes a scholarship that covers the cost of in-state tuition for two consecutive semesters. To be awarded this scholarship you must maintain a 2.75 GPA.

Auditions for Brooks are currently open and all that are interested are encouraged to apply here.