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How you can become the next Brooks the Bison

Do you love Utah Tech University and want to become Brooks the Bison for the 2023-2024 school year? Well, you’re in luck because applications for this position are now open, and you can be the one to put on the face of the Trailblazer spirit. Applicants must provide: Karlee Myers, student engagement coordinator, will invite […]

Utah Tech’s football scrimmage game shows players improvement following spring camp

Utah Tech University’s football team hosted a red and white spring game April 15 at the Greater Zion Stadium to practice real-game play after an intense series of spring training has come to an end. The spring scrimmage concluded the Trailblazers’ spring slate and leads into summer training to prepare for kickoff against Montana State […]

Utah Tech softball sweeps WAC rival Seattle U

Going three for three, the Utah Tech University softball team won every game in the two-day series against Seattle University April 7-8. The two-day series hosted a doubleheader April 7, following an individual game April 8. After defeating Seattle U, Utah Tech is now No. 1 in the WAC Conference with a 9-3 standing. With […]

OPINION | From thrift store finds to profit: the ultimate side hustle

With the overconsumption of fast-fashion at an all-time high, clothing that ends up in thrift stores needs to be resold to help combat environmental impacts. It also can turn into a great side hustle to make some extra cash. Reselling clothing online has boomed in recent years as shopping sustainably and wearing vintage clothing is […]

Tuition and student fees at Utah Tech will not raise in price for the 2023-2024 school year

Utah Tech University’s annual Truth in Tuition hearing March 7 allowed everyone the opportunity to learn more about tuition costs and student fees. Devon Rice, student body president, and Bryant Flake, executive director of planning and budget, spoke about the proposed tuition and student fees for the 2023-2024 school year. Flake said: “For the current […]

EDITORIAL | To the next student body president of Utah Tech

Devon Rice, Utah Tech University’s first student body president, went above and beyond to provide the student body with a sense of connection and involvement to the heart of our school’s core values: “Active Learning. Active Life.” To the next student body president, we hope you will continue to do the same. While our job […]

Utah Tech provides textbook resources for professors and students using eTextbooks

Inclusive access textbooks are included in student fees, but many professors and students of Utah Tech University are unaware of the resources student fees are providing. Utah Tech’s tuition and fees catalog does not highlight that online textbooks are included as a part of student fees and will be available depending on what courses a […]

OPINION | UFOs, lack of information raise alarm about US security

I first heard about the unidentified flying objects last week and immediately wanted to know more about how people in the United States were reacting to them. I did some digging and found out most of the country felt the same way I did: shocked and unsettled. I had many initial questions: Knowing this is […]

Utah Tech defeats rival Southern Utah in close game

The Utah Tech University’s men’s basketball team defeated rival school Southern Utah University in a nail-biting game Feb. 4 with a score of 86-79. The Stampede, along with the Birds Aren’t Real club, filled the student section with support and cheers. The white lie theme featured shirts aimed toward SUU like “birds are real” and “we believe […]